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  • *smiles* No, I only speak the way I actually feel. It may come out kind, or otherwise. And, don't worry, judging by the way you are going, you will be back there in no time...
    Kittan too... /dead
    But that gave Simon an epic double helix speech at teh end, didn't it? :P

    Yeah, Viral was awesome. I still remember that time with Leeron, when the spiral teleportation was getting explained! XD
    And his line at the end was also pretty funny, considering he had no Spiral Power at all...
    "Show some spirit out there!"
    Anyone who doesn't love Kamina has either never seen the anime or IS LYING!!!
    I certainly haven't met anyone who doesn;t love Kamina...
    Have you?
    But yeah, his death was sad. ;n;
    So... Yoko's kiss of death... :P
    I kid though :P
    I know! The ending was so sad! :'(
    Y'know, I always wondered how things would've turned out if Kamina was still alive...
    What do you think?
    Honestly, I don't think Simon would have turned out the same... or even met Nia if Kamina was still alive... :/
    You`ve got a talent i would love to have. Those sprites are great. And your speed...
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