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  • In middle school we did random games and crap, and I'm no good at team sports or games or athletic things in general, so I sucked terribly... And hs was just...I don't know. I don't even remember what happened o_o
    MEEEEEE too :D
    It was always my most-dreaded class... I remember the good feeling of finishing it for the last time... =w=
    LOL my sister just related her soccer experience to me XD
    She didn't hurl, but was close...lul. Reminds me of days in gym when we had to run on the track.. Ahhhhh xO
    Yeah, that's exactly it XD
    She's not really in the shape for it atm.. And my mom is pissed because she's afraid my sister will quit soccer if it's too much for her now, after Mom spent all that money... But Dad said he will try and get her conditioned for it, to avoid the terrible yelling of Mother o_o
    I should shape up too! I've been trying to get my parents to get my a cycling machine (but we've no place to put it)
    I should go buy one someplace, I haven't played with one since that time.. Things like that make me feel super-accomplished! xD

    lol my sister just got home from her first day of soccer practice. She hurled or something o_O
    Well I am now jealous! I've never solved a Rubik's cube... The one time I came close was when I had all colors the same, except for one square on two sides. Since there were stickers...I switched them :B
    Hiiie Pikachu, I'm Volt :3 (or Gigi...)
    I know how that is, even though I'm not Muslim myself, a lot of people I care about are. Although I do tend to get a bit oversensitive whenever someone brings up something "bad"

    Random fact about me: I drink excessive amounts of water and juice :D
    Yeah. HTML isn't hard, Javascript is.. Especially in Dreamweaver, which fails at anything Java :P NP++ is better for that, but I prefer to keep everything in Dreamweaver..

    And I kinda wish I had someone to teach me, but anyone who could is busy with coding =/
    Ah, ok, thanks for the tip. I had been using just plain HTML and Javascript in Dreamweaver.. Ish haaard D:
    Sleeep yaay =D Reading maybe, programming.. Gah, wish I could >< I tried teaching myself for awhile, but it's pretty hard =/
    Pretty good, been busy with this other site I'm spriting for.. School's almost over, yaaaay =D
    Um... nothing hugely significant/worth mentioning that I can think of XD
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