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Psychic Kobra
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  • I'm getting a new Kindle Fire by the end of the month, so I might get a new account on TCOD, and my username will be Jigglypuff or something of the sort. Be looking for a friend request!

    P.S. Mowtom told me about Pikachu army troups. May I join? {:
    Check the shop in pikachu army troops. (lets shorten it to P.A.T, okay?) I have an icon for P.A.T.
    Yay! i checked pikachu army troops and you posted missions and prizes! Ill get the prizes. Expect sprites and adoptables. not eggs or items or anything.
    Okay, kobra never mind the turn thing on The Room of Random`s RP. three people joined the RP. too confusing. should i pm you when im done with karis?
    I have a group called the Room of Random. LuckyLapras joined it, and so did Karis... and that`s about it. It has an RP, (a terrible but potentially funny RP.) a sprite and adoptables room, (from the internet of course. I tried spriting and was waaay worse than you. SO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF! I take requests! Meaning find good images on the internet :( ) a chat room... and a few miscellanious things. Want to join? Its public.

    P.S. Ill try to find a spriter for pikachu army troups. maybe dar, but i know nothing about him except hes a great spriter. could you ask him for me? You might know him better.
    Yes. Oh and can you teach me how to sprite? Im sorry you can no longer sprite, but id like to make a trade-in system. We would make a "missions" room where you could earn specific medals for completing missions. The mission could be an RP, or maybe a mission over an actual pokemon game. Then we make a "Troops Shop" where people can trade in medals for army-style adoptables, camo kiwis, and special items. Can you teach me?
    Id like to join pikachu army troopers. :D ELECTRIC! ( now mowtom feels very bad about speaking against you! *Zaps self* Darn! looks like im unaffected by that... MOWTOM MUST HURT SELF SOMEHOW! (oh and do you know how i can join the safari zone?)
    Can i join your group? The join button mysteriously vanished........ I blame Dialga. Bad Dialga! Bad!
    Hi, Psychic Kobra. I know you don't know me, but I'm friends with LL and thought it would be nice to meet you, since I'm trying to get a reputation because I'm really new on the site. I didn't mention that I'm also friends with Mowtom, which I'm sorry about. I didn't know he took Richie's side on the whole thing.* Sorry about that. I just hope we can all be friends. Mowtom's my brother, what can I do about it? Also, I hope you could answer on my homepage.

    *Yes, I read what happened
    Hey. I'm sorry about SuperRichieGuru being a jerk to you; I've warned her about it twice now. Tell me if it happens again. Tell your mom I'm also very sorry she had to be put through that.
    Bam! That's howie do it! And you have a Deerling as your starter in the Safari Zone, even though I swear I saw a post with Charmander then Axew. =P
    oh... and dont you think your getting a little too involved over this? richie just didnt like your fan fiv. so? leave him alone.
    eeerrrrr... never mind the group request... something along the lines of screws...
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