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  • Hi!

    You apparently joined a long time ago, so there's no need for me to tell you this place doesn't usually look this bad, right? DID YOU SEE THE BRIGHT NEON COLORS THAT GAVE SOMEONE A SEIZURE? :(

    Thank youuu that Chimera loves you too :D

    I really like that Muttshroom there, by the way. I was considering telling you that a while ago. How ironic. :o
    ...Knew it would come back to bite me sometime. <<;

    No; I once started to type up an "a winner is you!" post, but I was pulled away and it got deleted (computer restart or something). Also, I couldn't decide between you and Bakuphoon. >.<; Yours had a better concept, but Baku's was a nicer sprite... so, um. Uh. I've got a good idea for a new sprite contest, buuuut I would have to judge this one finally I guess. D:

    So, would you like me to perform an epic bump and finally judge it, make trophies, and suchforth?
    Ah! I can't believe there are only 5 people on right now! I'm about to eave to go get my permit (2 years late).
    Awww ^///^ I'm very flattered~ I love me some aardvarks <3

    (this message is going to look very strange to anyone who didn't see your message to me first)

    And welcome back! :D
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