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  • What level was the Gabite when you started?

    And ouch. Do you have a plan for that?
    That's alright. I'm pretty sure I have a whole bunch of other pokes to catch from all these safaris in the meantime :D
    Ah, great! I'll put you on my to-add list, then! C:
    And oh cool your safari has some sweet pokes yess :D
    Yes, you would! Friend safari is based on your 3DS friend code only! So you would have to restart your entire 3DS.
    Sorry for the late reply; I was so tired last night, ha ha.

    Thanks for the encouragement! I think I'll try it again later today. Although I haven't tried the Poke Radar yet...
    I'm still perplexed as to how friend codes /work/ on X and Y. Where is the pal pad or whatever? (has only had it for a few days)
    You're welcome! :D
    My strategy is just to stick an Amulet Coin on one of my pokes and farm some sweet, sweet money from all the rich people at the Battle Chateau :P
    You apparently need to wear a 'set' of clothes, i.e. ones that have a matching price tag (in my case, it was orangey-red). You might have to try a bunch of different ones before you get in. Socks and accessories don't count (and the bag probably doesn't either since mine wasn't 'matching'). Some say that battling in the star-rated restaurants might also have something to do with getting in, but idk (I only took the double battle course in Le Nah).
    You're probably gonna look absolutely terrible, but once you get in there once, you can put your regular clothes back on and they'll still let you in. :D
    Such /fluency/

    my dad actually hasn't been here for the past several months. I'm leaving a bit before he comes back.
    ...haven't heard that one. Pandora has a tendency to play similar songs, but very rarely songs from the bands you've selected. I'll search it!

    ETA: Wow, a very Queen-esque song, this one. The auto-tune isn't too bad, although it's certainly noticeable... it could be a lot worse, basically.
    There's not really anything like that in Some Nights, that I've caught so far. Mostly just pitch correcting.
    You'd be surprised, actually. They're a relatively new band-- four or five years, I think, maybe less. I think Some Nights has more auto-tune, though. Which is a shame, Nate Ruess is a beast live.
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