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  • outlines!!!! i haven't outlined for a writing thing in a long time, but then again i haven't written anything in a while either... have you outlined more Plot Things or is it outlines for more revision?
    that's RIGHT you're GONNA FINISH THE THING I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! it doesn't matter how long it takes! it'll be worth it...!
    D: that makes sense... lately i've had telegram unpinned from the bar thingy on my laptop for Similar Productivity reasons but D: ... hopefully we'll be able to see each other around some more soon!!! also HYPE for new computer!!!
    (D: I'm sorry, I thought I replied to this but actually never did!)

    Oh, nice! That sounds a lot better, especially for feeling more secure a really unpredictable job must be much more stressful. I hope you can keep working with a more steady routine!

    I'm in a really engaging literature course about graphic novels! I actually didn't expect it to be this thorough, but we've been talking about the history of comics and different techniques that writers and artists can use to be effective, which has been super interesting.
    Ooh, that's great - best of luck with the hiring process! What types of work are you doing right now? I seem to remember you said you moved to a different plant, but that might have been someone else?

    I've been doing okay, too! School's started, which is pretty busy, but I'm taking some interesting classes this year.
    hi ss! thank you!! today was definitely a little better at least. *gladly accepts hug offer*
    Thank you!! I tried our yesterday and I think I did pretty good, but I guess time will tell haha.
    And finally responding back!

    I did go through the Great Designer Search and got massacred by the multiple choice test, which was unfortunate but also expected. I've lost pretty much all of my multichoice mojo since leaving high school and not having to take that sort of test all the time. I guess I'm going to have to go out resume shlepping like a normal person if I want to find work, sigh.

    Nice, I like the inspiration for Rica's name! "Rica" also just means "rich" in Spanish (Costa Rica = rich coast), so thanks for sending me the money aron, I guess! I did go to both Costa Rica and Africa, so the place name symbolism works well, too. And feel free to start that meta thread whenever... I'll probably not be much around until May, but I'll definitely take a look once I start revving up on ASB again!

    Big congrats on finding work!! And it's great that you found somewhere that sounds like it'd work much better for you--I hope it's turned out to be as positive an experience as you were hoping for. How's it been going? Have you found any cool things to do or groups to hang out with in the new place you ended up in? And/or have you been working more on your art or other personal projects?

    Oh yeah, there are definitely ways to spin world travel positively without emphasizing the planning or organization bit, heh. It's true, sprinting through the airport is a pretty invigorating experience! Not personally my cuppa, though. I prefer my travel anxiety to be more along the lines of, but will I actually be able to bring myself to eat this weird bug? (Alas, I wussed out and did not eat the weird bug. My reputation as an omnivore is ruined.)

    As far as I know water monitors aren't poisonous, although I think their bites can be pretty nasty. I did take that picture, but I wasn't all that close--probably about three yards away? That's just my camera zoom doing work. I did see people get quite close to them, and they generally seemed pretty chill. I can't believe this one stuck its tongue out at just the right time for the picture!

    Re: snakes: Well, you are a pokémon fan, after all... you pretty much always have that temptation to go into the long grass, don't you? ;)

    I hope you enjoyed the last of your funemployed freedom whether it meant travel or not! I'll let you know if I'm ever planning another grand tour.
    Thanks! I will get to your longer message later, but yes! I had a great time on my birthday.
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