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  • The thing about Tony is he doesn't need to sing coherent lyrics to be amazing. He has such an adorable and awesome voice. =o
    Well, the vocals are good (especially the guest vocals on Vovin), just don't expect to understand a word they're saying. Even with lyrics in front of me, I just can't follow the songs. It's really weird.
    Hey, I don't listen to Therion for their song titles or lyrics. Half the time it sounds like the vocalist is just moaning into the microphone. But yes. You should "obtain" Vovin sometime... it's a really fantastic album.
    Hmm... now I'm starting to listen The Black Halo and it's growing on me. Maybe there's hope for me yet. :P
    I think what really stops me from loving them so much is, like most power metal bands, how riff-heavy their music is. While there's definitely nothing wrong with that, it's not my style. They are really talented, though. And after repeat listens, the vocalist is really starting to grow on me.
    Maybe... although the only track of theirs I genuinely love is March of Mephisto... damn, is it awesome.
    Random message! (;
    Felt like giving you something to read while we eagerly await the return of the forums.
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