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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn nh vừa mới xuất hiện trên bản đồ Tinh hệ. Hắn có chút không dám tin tưởng vào ánh mắt của chính mình, rất nhanh cúi đầu nhìn xuống hệ thống khống chế điện tử đang nằm trong tay mình, khẩn trương giải thích với mọi người:

    - Có thể là trình tự xử lý của máy tính xảy ra vấn đề.

    Biểu tình của Tổng Tư lệnh Dịch Trường Thiên nháy mắt biến thành buồn bực ủ dột. Chẳng qua là ông ta cũng không có tức giận, thực ra là do ông ta còn chưa có kịp tức giận. Bởi vì hết thảy những thứ phát sinh ngay sau đó, liền chứng minh rằng cái cảnh tượng quái dị vừa mới phát sinh trước mắt kia c
    You made a Very good point on the Child Discipline Thread. That post conveyed a scenario and thought that needed to be said.
    So how you doin' today? I... got yelled at by my teacher for using the term "Beyotch" and I was forced into watching a Sara Palin speech. Why can't she SHUT UP?

    So what is Pennsylvania like? I went there a few times, but that was seven years ago...
    Jasmine, you mean? Schism owned 2/3 of her team, then Artillery, finished her Steelix with one whack. I'm at the lake of Rage now, soft-resetting until the Red Gyarados is Adamant natured. If you've got some extra time, though, would you be able to hatch the Totodile on your Japanese version, that way I can use it for the Masuda method? I can clone the shiny eventually. Though I might be ahead of myself. I still have yet to soft reset for a shiny Ho-oh and Lugia. If I can be that patient, that is.
    M'kay. I'm playing now, I'll get it done. How far are you, and do you have HeartGold, or SoulSilver?
    Oh, sorry. First is my Pearl code, second is my SoulSilver code.

    4-H is cool sometimes; mostly if you get paid, which if you get Champion in a big event, there is a 20$ reward, which I got last year.

    Well, nice to know you weren't staring at the screen, saying swear words about how late I was. So when I get my national dex, I'll send on of my valuble fire mice over to SS, then we should be able to trade easy. ~

    Oh, and sorry that my previous VM went up six times. I dunno what the hell my internet is doing. <_<

    Oh, and you never told me your birthday.
    Sorry I took so LONG. Uhh, did you see my double edit? I had 4-H today, I just got home at 8:40 ET. And uh... minor problem. Cyndaquil is on my Pearl, and we don't have our National dexes so...

    Oh, and we never gave each other our friend codes.


    It hit your cousin? Luckily, I was using a flat bullet so it just was like *Whack* "GODDAMMIT!" If it was a sharp-tipped bullet... ugh.
    Thank god I'm not the only one with their pokemon in the 30's, though Schism, my Larvitar is only Lv. 23. He has a good moveset, though. He kicked Jasmine's first Magnemite's ass, and rendered the second one useless. He would have if Magnemite hadn't magically "avioded" the Rock Slide. I was referring to battling using our D/P/Pt cards though, so I could use my EV'd Pokemon, and my Shinies.

    Well, here it is houses with fields placed randomly across the area. Though the gas station is several miles from where I live anyway.

    I have an ASB ref. question, if you could help. I couldn't understand this; if a pokemon has the STAB bonus, does it cost 1% less energy in addition to the 1% damage increase?:

    Uh, 5:00 is 2:00 here, I'd be home then, but can it be, like, 6:30, your time? You did say you live in ET, right?

    Last but not least, what's your birthday, if you would, please.

    EDIT: Of course, ASB paychecks just HAD to be given today, and now I have to delete my 75% done mock and do a new one. Dammit.

    DOUBLE EDIT: Oh, damn it. I have 4-H today, so if we traded it would have to be 8:30 eastern Time or later.
    I I'll admit I shot. Once. I missed, and the bullet reflected right back and nailed my ankle. Bruised.

    Uh, we'll probably shoot for sometime tommorow. I'm gone mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so tommorow or Friday would be best. If I can get enough training in, we should battle sometime, next week perhaps?~

    Of course I'll tell you where I live. Central Idaho. It's kinda boring because it's so sparsely populated. The nearest town that actually has more than a gas station is twenty miles away...
    So, yeah, I'll take the Totodile. If my parents happen to be gone, we can chat. Uh... yeah. What time do you wanna go for? (Pennsylvania is Eastern Time, right?)

    EDIT: Of course I'll get you a Dawn/Leaf Stone.
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