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  • I'm doing pretty good :3 NaNoWriMo and such. And disappearing for long periods of time because of procrastination. xD

    Wow I just realized the last time we talked was two years ago.
    Turbo's made well over 30 accounts by now. He's been banned close to monthly for ... five years?

    He's dedicated.
    Nah, we only bother banning alts if there's ban evasion going on. ... and we usually don't check for alts.

    Also there're a few people who made a new account immediately after being banned that weren't rebanned because they're not like Turbo or anything.
    Surprisingly, we're not actually ban happy. :'(

    I'm going to sulk now while looking at Jessie's koromori.

    :'( :'( :'(
    Very well, the other eggs will hatch wherever they are. I had a feeling this would happen.
    Once we get more on the United Nation's signups. We need to balance out the team. You may have two characters for this purpose.
    Well, they probably don't... I'll just make up part of her biography right now, since I usually don't think about it much when I'm writing the form. xD

    "Papercraft" was kept apart from others until she was "programmed" with the Porygon DNA. At this time she was adjusted to be able to perform computer-like tasks. Since it hasn't been really long since the beginning of the RP, I think it's safe to say that they might have seen her around occasionally but she doesn't know them unless they had a significant role in the Pokemorph developing and thus were saved in her computer-ness so that she could recognize them after a small amount of time of thinking.

    Too complicated for you? xD
    Yay! It costs a bit of money to use the internet on MY phone, (which I never do) but I'm not sure about yours. ;)
    No, only the secomd pne died, 'cause I didn't put it in my sig. 0 views, unique view, and clicks =)

    Hope you get internet back soon. You can always try a public library.
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