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Squornshellous Beta

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  • Words I avoid.

    I feel a lot of the opposition would be from the people it affects, ergo there isn't much of a problem.
    License. Plays hell with my brain.

    But it does help them. No stupid people to attempt to make it look worthless
    I always hated that word.

    More like state-given care for those concieved illegally.
    I made it twice, which is sad

    Yes, some, but not all. This is why there should be a liscense to breed.
    Chimps and dolphins are smarter than any other animals besides humans. (more than some humans which is sad to say) and I fell they qualify
    I fell chimps can be considered sapient, maybe not to the degree of a metagross or something, but at least the level of like a magikarp
    Maybe. maybe not. As of now, it's still legally cruelty to animals when done on primates and such which are the closest things we have.
    Yeah, I got kinda busy lately and haven't really been doing much forum related, I plan to do my best to talk and try and get more active soon! I hope all went well for you today~
    Happy birthday person I annoy constantly who probably hates me for cruelty to animals and run on sentences without punctuation :p
    Squuuuuorn! It is your birthday happy birthday <3 I know we haven't talked in a while and I'm really sorry for that, I'll try to make it up to you soon. Either way, I hope you have a great birthday :D
    I have a website, I could probably just stick it in there somewhere and not ever link it anywhere. Thanks!
    Okay! That would be great! Thank you. Well, tell me when you're ready, I suppose.
    I'd like to ask you about the generator you use for the Pal Park. I'm trying to learn a bit of programming myself, and considering the size of my Safari Zone, I think something like this would be endlessly useful for me to try and create myself! Obviously I won't steal your script (I probably won't even end up making my own, although I'd like to); I'd just like to look at it, to kind of see how it works, if you don't mind?
    Can I update the Safari Encounter Rates thing for Gens V and VI? I like having things down on paper, and it doesn't look like it's going to be done by anyone else in the foreseeable future.
    Here's Smogon's sprite generator. I'm not sure they have all of them, but Smogon is running this huge thing to get gen 6 fully sprited.
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