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Sunrise Soarer
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  • If I remember correctly, aren't they similar to good demi-god spirits, in a way? They sound so familiar I can't place it >->
    Maybe my Weavile will know...he tends to remember when I tell him things except when I told him not to get that full body colouring but noooo he wanted to be his own pokemon and got himself coloured silver with his little crown thing coloured gold...he does look shiny but I wasn't happy >:|
    Most of my crazy friends have disappeared on me here soso I just wind up sitting in my own craziness. Then, well, I talk to myself.
    Welcome, welcome! I am Silver, or any other variation of my name that you happen to see. Except if you see the eevee one don't call me that one I was horribly young and think I almost got myself banned. Uh...got off topic sorry. But welcome! TCoD is a friendly place and almost anyone here will help you if you need it, myself included~ I'm just one of the resident crazies so just kinda ignore my explosive behaviour... >->;;
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