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  • i wouldn't say i'm back just because i'll probably forget to visit for another month or so. i'm really good! thanks for asking. and no i haven't. :( no new consoles here.
    most belated happy birthday ever, haha. hope everything's alright with you. (:
    I'm assertive? Really? When did that happen?

    I haven't really talked much with you yet, so I hope you won't be too crushed by my saying that I have no opinion either way about you. But I accepted your friend request because flattery will get you everywhere. :)

    Please, please make up your own mind about debating for it's own sake. Don't think it's the bees knees just because someone you like has a positive opinion on it. I can honestly say that when I debate about something, my arguments lack passion on the subject material, whether I actually like it or not. I won't say that objectivism isn't a useful tool, but it can creep into other areas of your life if you're not careful.

    Don't let anyone else influence your decisions, is what I'm trying to say.

    "Kind of"? Really? Well, with a glowing and heartfelt invitation like that, how can I possibly say no? :)

    Mafia is that team-building game where you have to put your detective skills to use to find the killer in the group, isn't it? Do you play the vanilla version or the werewolf version here?
    realistic: same stat calculations? is "It should be noted that not all moves will have the same effects as they do in the games." as in could be totally different or as in will be made appropriate to a mafia setting? is "It should be noted that not all moves will have the same effects as they do in the games." when innocents may have damage?

    ... are megathings a thing
    Mhmm! NISA's official localization will be out this fall, hopefully, and later on in the translation I remember them getting videos.

    Pffft, yeah, Kirigiri. The SDR2 kids had a lot of depth, and even more if you read their free time events, which I haven't done for some of them yet ...
    In that case, here's another translation to get you the rest of the way! (Did you finish? That's the best case in the game ;;)

    I know, I love it too. To be honest the first game was an exercise in extremely selective caring (I chose to obsess over Celes, Sayaka, Sakura, and Chihiro, and only developed positive feelings for the rest via the fandom), but I enjoy so many more of the characters in this game - though I never really grew fond of Kazuichi or Teruteru. Yeah, the second game /is/ a lot more in-your-face in general. It doesn't bother me, though.
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