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  • I don't think shortening it would make it easier to publish. And don't publishing houses usually give you an editor?

    A small issue I face is that I was inspired to write just because I was reading Lord of the Rings and wanted to write a fantasy thing. Then, I realized that I have to write about what I know, and then I decided on something more environmental. Now, it's more political/environmental with a dash of subversion of the teen dystopia.

    That really helped. Thanks! :)
    Congratulations on finishing you draft! ^^ I didn't post in your thread because I don't really have any suggestions except showing it to us, but I guess you want to keep it secret until later on.

    Hey, I'm writing something myself, but I've gotten stuck (I started writing it in 2013, eighth grade, and I've experienced so much since then that I decided to give it an overhaul), but I have trouble actually developing a plot.
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