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The Omskivar
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  • hey omski, I need your help.
    So I was elected director's assistant in my school's theatre club and soon we'll have to pick the three plays that will be voted on to decide this year's production.
    I originally wanted to suggest Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello, but certain parts are too dark for my school (it's Catholic).
    I was wondering if you have any suggestions. It can be both musical and nonmusical. Originally, we did two plays a year, first semester nonmusical, second semester musical. However, many people (such as me) participate in a lot of clubs that reach their peak activity during the second semester, so there's talk of doing one macroproduction in December.
    Refresh me on something: are you currently working on the round two of Grass King and pathos's tournament match, or have you already handed that over for emergency reffing? I'll be taking over for you as due, so let me know if I'm supposed to wait on your next reffing before doing so.
    Hi, Lilycolo and I have agreed to end our metronome battle in a draw, so you don't need to worry about writing up another round.
    -dizzily stumbles into your VM box- hey Omski don't forget about your battle with ILS
    Hey! I've been awful and forgot to post any warnings or anything, but you should post orders soon :>
    Do you mind if I take our other battle off the Challenge Board? It's been there for a while and we're already having a battle anyway.
    Hey! Just a quick reminder about sending out a Pokémon in your battle against TruetoCheese! :>
    Hey, so, I was trawling through my old posts out of boredom when I came across this battle between you and RTB from the old league. I picked it up as an e-ref but I guess I forgot about it.

    If you were interested in finishing it, I'd be fine with reffing it again, and I could ask RTB if he was willing to continue it as well.
    Hey, are you still interested in reffing me vs. Lilypad? If not, it's totally fine; I'll put it up for grabs in the e-ref outpost.
    Have you perhaps forgotten to order in our battle?

    That wouldn't be surprising, with all that confusion concerning Inferno and whatnot...

    Don't be in a hurry, just checking on you!
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