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  • Indeed you did, and hello. What will you do now that you're here?

    Also, I can now play Brawl online. Not literally now, as it's late in SE's land, but I can.
    Whoa. Yeah, it has been a long time. In the time that you've been gone I've:

    1) Become obsessed with Meta Knight.
    2) Gotten a Wii and became obsessed with SSBB and MK:Wii.
    3) Become obsessed with Role-Playing.
    4) Become obsessed and un-obsessed with Pokemon Yellow and even wrote a walkthrough for it.
    5) Become (sort of) obsessed with Dragon Adopters (this is much more recent).
    6) Started to become kind of un-obsessed with Digimon (though the anime still owns).

    So yeah. Welcome back again~
    Six Months Later...

    Duh Duh! Dud Duh Duh! Dud Duh Duh! Dud Duh Duh Dud Duh Duh! Dud Duh Duh! Dud Duh Duh!

    Dah Dah Dah! Boom Blast! I'm Back! And I'm Here To Stay!
    Yes. Real life was calling, and I couldn't keep up with all the requests and so on. Plus, I didn't want everyone else making virtually the same thing. I happen to dislike sig adoptables now. :/
    So basically, you're just trying to prove to me that your adoptables are different than the others because of what I said?
    They're okay, I guess. They're not that different from the other adoptables.
    Yes I do. And Jigglypuff, Cleffa, Chansey, Happiny, and basically all pink, round, or just plain cute Pokemon.
    How did you guess? XD
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