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War & Thunder
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  • Yeah, hence why they're in the lowers tiers. :P But in the lower tiers they're something to be feared. Skarmory would blow them out, yeah, but a 3hko on one of the most widely-used physical walls is pretty impressive.
    They're meant to perform sweeps, preferably lategame after scarfers and priority users are out, rather than to punch holes in teams.

    Anyway, I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly, but Rhyperior's Stone Edge can 3hko max hp/def Skarmory and 3hko standard defensive Gliscor. What's awesome about Rhyperior is that it gets Megahorn to take out the bulky grasses that resist EQ and take not-so-much damage from Stone Edge.

    Meanwhile Aggron's Head Smash can 2hko standard Gliscor and has a chance of 2hkoing physically defensive Skarmory. Unfortunately Aggron has worse coverage, but its typing can work to your favour.
    With max speed, it can outspeed all base 125s after a Rock Polish. Aggron is even faster than that - it can outspeed base 130s. Though Rhyperior has a better STAB combo and better attack (no Head Smash though).
    Banded Rhyperior or Rock Polish Rhyperior are where it's at. ...actually now that I think about it, Rhyperior could run a set similar to Terakion: boost speed to sweep, or attack to break walls.
    I've created a TR team, but I've never actually built it. I bet it wouldn't do well, though, since I just threw some Pokemon together.

    Cofagrigus in TR is also beast, I've heard. Nasty Plot + tank defenses = :D
    So true xD The accuracy lies, man! I love using Rock Polish Aggron, but Head Smash seems to miss at a crucial time every match. ):

    At least it's a beast in Trick Room?
    But then Aggron can just Head Smash it, which is a guaranteed 2HKO. Granted Rock Smash with max attack and LO is also 2HKO, but Esca is wayyy too slow to get that :P
    Haha, that's probably true. imo I think it should just gtfo when it sees another steel type, since it can hardly do anything back.
    Most Gyarados I've seen are bulky phazers, though anything DD is pretty deadly. And I play UU or RU, so no Scizor for me. :P Yeah, you know Escavalier has a terrible movepool when it uses Rock Smash for coverage...
    I don't play OU, but after reading the OU warstories I get the feeling that defensive Gyarados is quite the beast. I tend not to have dedicated walls, though. For example I like using defensive SD Sandslash, or SubSD Escavalier.

    I /should/ do that, since almost all my teams fall apart during playtesting xD; But I'm simply lazy, hurr.
    Looking at the raw stats and typing, Jellicent seems like a good Pokemon. Everyone used it. But it doesn't really have very good physical bulk, and would probably get severely damaged before the burn, and some special attackers could still KO. Plus weakness to Pursuit always sucks. :P

    I tend to spend a lot of time making a team on paper, looking at synergy and roles and stuff like that, then I make a team and test it. I'm usually too shy to post RMTs though ):
    Yeah, outclassed by Rotom, though now that the appliances have lost their ghost-typing... actually nope, still a bad spinblocker. Pringles outclasses it too, Gengar works in offensive teams, Sableye, even...

    Yeah xD I don't think anyone would resort to that unless they're really pressed for space... In which case, build another team; if you're having such a difficult time finding a check/counter to such a common Pokemon, there's something wrong.
    To be fair, Blissey has 85 base sp. atk, I think? But yeah, Shadow Punch lol. At least Blissey gets decent powered/typed moves. As Smogon puts it, Dusknoir was probably the most useless 4th gen evolution ever... It just got more (practically unusable) attack and a tiny boost in defenses.

    Dusknoir can run, say, Thunderpunch to serve as a check to Gyarados, though imo unless you /really/ need to counter something, that moveslot could go to something better.
    I think in both cases, it's a toss-up between added bulk or lefties and more attacking power. Blissey can actually use special attacks to some degree of effectiveness, unlike Chansey. Likewise Dusknoir can use physical attacks better. Though when you use Pain Split as healing, low HP would be better, so I think I'd prefer Dusclops too. Dusclops can do everything else equally as well as Dusknoir, after all. :P
    Naw, I had no idea it was that high, either, until I visited its page to calculate its defenses after Eviolite. :P Chansey can Wish, and both can Toxic, but yeah, after Taunt they're basically shut down.
    Porygon2 can actually hold its own even when taunted, since it has a very respectable base sp. atk (105, iirc). But Porygon2 is probably the best Eviolite user, yeah; others just sit there and wall, but can't do anything in return.
    Yup. :D It's like having a Deoxys-D with non-crap HP and better sp. atk!

    Lack of lefties suck, though, especially in sand.
    374 HP, up to 459 defense and 475/476 (dunno if they round up or down) sp. def. In effect it has around 160 base defenses.
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