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Ys_'s latest activity

  • Ys_
    Ys_ reacted to Stryke's post in the thread The "Fwee" Thread with Love Love.
    theres a plant at my job near the cash registers that has always seemed like its on deaths doorstep, with a couple yellow or brown...
  • Ys_
    Ys_ reacted to IndigoClaudia's status with Love Love.
  • Ys_
    Yeah, this is still pretty accurate but I finally chose a label. I'm a gender-neutral female and I prefer not to be labeled as woman...
  • Ys_
    Ys_ replied to the thread 2021 Mafia Championship.
    Ohh. These games are intense! Good luck to anyone who wants to join! :)
  • Ys_
    Ys_ reacted to qenya's post in the thread The "Fwee" Thread with Grin Grin.
    Is there any feeling in the universe more delightful than finishing an assignment and closing eleventy billion browser tabs that you...
  • Ys_
    Ys_ reacted to Flora's post in the thread The "Fwee" Thread with Love Love.
    i'm organizing a little rarepair fic exchange and everyone seems REALLY excited and i'm so happy....
  • Ys_
    Ys_ reacted to Kung Fu Ferret's post in the thread Musicals! with Like Like.
    My only gripe with Shrek is the lack of All Star. Which isn't too bad, but still..
  • Ys_
    Ys_ reacted to Stryke's post in the thread The "Fwee" Thread with Like Like.
    Applied for a prestigious university in my state for early application, was initially deferred, but I just found out yesterday I'm in 😁
  • Ys_
    Ys_ replied to the thread Pokemon: Master Champion (log).
    Yeah, I heard about that. My best wishes! Yeah, makes sense, better not to strain yourself and focus on the present task. Sorry to...
  • Ys_
    Ys_ reacted to TrainerWalker's post in the thread Pokemon: Master Champion (log) with Sad Sad.
    Good Evening Everyone, This is a lot later than I would usually send out these updates, but a lot has changed since last I updated...
  • Ys_
    Ys_ replied to the thread knives alley hydra mafia.
    Good game! This one was interesting.