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  • Oh, I saw it; I'm just thinking about my attacks. Thanks for the reminder, though, and thanks for putting it up!
    Kinda late: Happy birthday. Do you want anything in ASB?

    Also, I realise I'm running late with your ASB battle, sorry about that. If you give me another week, I should have it done.
    There are 129 people in the system. For comparison, there are 156 people in the Mafia usergroup, 142 banned members, and 438 in the "COPPA Users Awaiting Moderation" group.

    Late-bracket registration will start when it looks like this round is wrapping up; the battles will start at the same time as the third round.
    That's okay; actually, I have enough money for that, all accounted. Also I need a spur to start reffing. Thank you for the offer.

    What's your avatar?
    No, those evolutions are treated the same as evolution-stone ones. So they just need to battle once while holding the item.
    ~SIGH~ Zhorken I would ask you what you were doing up at that ungodly hour but I do approve of Furrets; I've only seen two of those, well done :o Look, look I am magical! I'm going to be a good walnut ghost, right.

    Look at where the Scolipede is clearly it's been rejected.
    Each one would take 10% energy, so yep. I usually knock off a couple of points where it makes sense. Like swords dance for example, it usually has really low energy cost, but since it requires a lot of movement, it makes sense to add a few points to it. Likewise, attract or yawn aren't exactly that strenuous, so I'd knock a few points off.

    And Venipede is adorable in general, haha. :3
    Aaa oops I left like, two minutes before you posted that. :c Did you get back to sleep!
    argh god how have I been away from this place for nearly two weeks. Sorry. 8(

    Endeavour is usually half the difference between the user's and the target's HP, though by my scale it'd be a bit more because I'm pointlessly excessive with energy costs.

    I suppose if the Pidove KOs anything the EXP is lost.

    Endeavour followed by Encore ought to leave Enver with plenty of energy, yes.
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