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  • On an unrelated note, the pages for Secret Power, Nature Power, Camouflage and the likes (anything involving the environment, I believe) need to be updtaed for Gen 6. Would it help if I came up with a list of the necessary changes?

    Actually, do you need help with anything?
    Hullllllo Zhorken!

    Hey, first of all, thank you sooooo much for getting ASB back on its feet. I know you're not the only one involved, but it wouldn't have been possible without you, and you have my eternal gratitude for that.


    I'm pretty sure I had a Corsola in the old league. I even got a special move for her. Somehow, she didn't make to the database, orrrrr I traded/gave her away and I can't remember. Since you have the only Corsola in the league, I thought perhaps I gave it to you ?_?

    If you do not remember that trade, then perhaps you just missed it during the transfer, which is purrrrfectly understandable considering the huge amount of stuff you had to manage.

    Thanks a bunch!
    yoooooo! my battle with pathos is probably gonna wrap up this round or next round and i was wondering if you wanted to battle me!! we never finished that battle from ages ago so it would be cool to start afresh. i think we both have pokes that need EXP so I'm happy to play with just stage 1 babies.
    Mathilde wouldn't have had to wait unless Sin was specified to wait as well. Since Magic Coat is still a priority move, Mathilde would've just punched him with poison.

    For the second question, following on my last comment about how I ref Magic Coat like Protect, Mathilde would not have been told to bail at that point. The speed difference is probably a bit too big that he couldve waited long enough to let Sin make a move, so he would end up being outwaited and Taunting himself.
    Hi, Sangfroidish and I have decided that I'm going to use no longer cute (Dusclops) and he'll use Lynne (Torchic) for our battle on Route 14, so you can go ahead and start that.
    Oh! I thought it was Eifie, haha.

    Also, for the Polkadot Bow sprite, the Pokemon Musical props have some base sprites you could use? ex. 1 2 3
    MF told me you wanted to know how I ref Magic Coat conditionals? I'd ref them like we ref Protect. So you can have a conditional saying "use Magic Coat if X" and you will still get the move off even if your other conditionals for that action are of a different priority.
    (I meant more along the lines of 'how random of a number am I willing to sacrifice to the RNGods', but in hindsight I am more willing to fight you for my honour instead!)
    "ok but I don't know if the RNG gods will be pleased. Fifteen isn't a very random number."

    Is this a challenge??? I am choosing to interpret this as a challenge
    Ah, thanks for letting me know! Thanks for passing me, I learnt a lot from the test battle and hopefully my reffings will be less messy than my first couple.
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