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    I've been checking back every few days to see if you came back.
    What does it say to you o.o It might be cuz all the spam mail I keep getting. I don't know whyy :(
    Hi. I'm a little down after reading a thread "Dealing with Death". How's it been? You got B/W? I have to wait until the 28th, my birthday.


    .... :D
    Oh hai :)! Got some things going for me.
    1. The shop is going nuts.
    2. I may have found a worker. Maybe.
    3. I got an ASB Bank account.
    4. I got a team and a Reaper Cloth.
    5. I got my ASB Profile in the Data Collection thread.
    6. I am still procrastinating on a tricky recolor.
    7. I got a sweet signature, and made the banner awesome.
    8. I still hate GIMP. I made the lava follow the gradient, made the gradient mostly transparent, and it refuses to work.
    9. I am still practicing banner making.

    That's all. And hi and stuff like that.
    I'm having trouble with the lava im GIMP...everytime I add the new layer(well,, I enable the thing on the Lava pop up to add new layer), it replaces it, not mix it. Darn it. I did figure out the translucent gradient, though. Working on new signature, I don't want to wait for the HTML signature to get approved >_<
    Very good! (Not that I didn't think you wouldn't know. You're 17.) Yeah, I like Firefox more, but this is my computer. Shoot. And the aforementioned security thing won't let me download Mozilla. The "Nice" was sarcastic. And IE ddoesn't even pass the AcidTest.
    Oh cool! I found PLASMA! It's pretty...do you know what plasma(not blood fluid kind) is?
    Operating system Windows 7, and Internet Explorer 7. Nice. But no downloading (it asks for admin pass) except for .exe files.
    Oh, thanks. This is a school laptop...they gave us some goodies (YAY!) but left out the Windows games. One of those goodies was GIMP 2.6, so...yeah. I'll have to try this... I know that you know that I have GIMP since I mention it many times, and it's in the sprite shop.
    Wow. What program is this? And by lava, if the program is GIMP, do you mean burn?
    A what? I've heard of gradients (I do have GIMP) but translucent, too? Oi, how do I do this? Oh, I've been meaning to ask you. What did you use for the banner?
    Oh, btw, I'm altering the banner. So I'm giving you credit for the original, and saying that I edited it. Is that alright?
    Some of my things, if you had time to do them are easy enough to look at them and see how to do them. Namely my Data Forms, which are basically Pokemon with bright colors for the outlines and all black. Outlined sillouhettes. Even just stopping by to help every now and then would help. Thanks for replying at all!
    Oh, that helps anyway! I think before it got busy, people were asking me if I did scratch sprites, so that would help bunches!
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