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  1. Linzys


    My mom's friend's dog had ten puppies two days ago! They are Brittany Spaniel/Husky mixes, and my mom and I are going to take care of them for eight weeks until they are ready to be given away (and we might keep one!) They and their mother (the Brittany) will arrive tomorrow night. I'm so...
  2. Linzys

    What are you eating?

    If anything? I am eating a coconut popsicle. <3
  3. Linzys

    Awesome Friday!

    Well, my school's schedules are funky this year. So on the first Friday of every month, we get out at 11:25. All classes are only about 25 minutes long. This really is cool, aside from the fact that we don't have every Friday short this year; last year, school got out at about 2. Only one hour...
  4. Linzys

    Coffee or Tea?

    Discuss. I like coffee, myself.
  5. Linzys

    I got the Job!

    Wow! All in one day I filled out and handed in an application form, was interviewed and hired! 8D I'm going to work at the coffee shop across the street from my house. I start training next week. This is my first real job, I'm so excited! And scared! 8D;
  6. Linzys

    Strange Dreams/Nightmares

    Yeah..Making this thread because I had a particularly disturbing nightmare last night. It still gives me chills to think about. My nightmare: I was at some sort of festival in what appeared to be a very urban area. There was a mother and her probably three or two year old daughter, and the...
  7. Linzys

    What is Your MBTI Type?

    MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. I am a proud INTP. :P I took this same test in my psychology class last year. http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp
  8. Linzys


    I have a friend named Hannah who was staying with me last week, and she is very interested in the paranormal, particularly 'ghosts', human spirits. Ever since we were very young, around 7 years old, she has been sharing stories with me about seeing and speaking to the dead, as well as angels and...
  9. Linzys

    Woah, hey. Again.

    I think I forgot my old username or it was Linzys and got deleted.. Well..Hey, everyone. *wave*