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  1. SonicNintendo

    Fond (or Not So Fond) Memories of TCoD

    If this is in the wrong spot, move it please. Basically if there are any memories that stick out that have come from here, tell them here. For me, it's being virtually stalked (pun not intended) by....i believe the username was "diywid" here. It was around the time that I had a video game...
  2. SonicNintendo

    Why does Ash look younger in Best Wishes?

    Pretty self-explanatory. He's been looking progressively older (sort of; I mean, as far as I know, I don't think he's hit puberty). And Best Wishes comes along and screws up the whole thing and he now looks...wait for it....younger. I think it's the eyes. The eyes how have color. Flora said...
  3. SonicNintendo

    Pokemon fansite copyright infringement?

    I know this is Pokemon related, but it's open to a lot of debate. Apparently, Pokebeach and Serebii have received letters from a source labeled as Nintendo claiming that legal action will be taken if Black and White pictures are taken down. Pokebeach got theirs from Nintendo of America...
  4. SonicNintendo

    [Tier I] Silverton City Gym- "Generation Gap" Issue, please hold off on battling.

    Silverton City Gym Leader: SonicNintendo Badge: Equality Badge Gym Win-Loss Record: 1-1 (50%) Notes and Updates: :::(4/30/2011) There's been a prominent issue with battling lately. I'm not in far enough to battle in White, so I'd like you all to please HOLD OFF ON CHALLENGING until further...
  5. SonicNintendo

    What would be the BEST Pokemon game?

    It's pretty straightforward. What, ideally, would make the ULTIMATE game for you? For me, it would be one of 3 things: 1) any Gen I-IV game remade for Wii. 2) a DS game that allows you to travel through all regions. (like HGSS, but with (most of) the content in every game shoved into one...
  6. SonicNintendo

    'Sup with the bold line?

    Just wanted to know why there's now a bold line breaking up the topic threads. It's a little confusing to me, because there's like 4 threads and a bold black line and all the other threads.
  7. SonicNintendo

    Encore- The Forum Version

    *Based off of the Parker Brothers Board Game* Pretty straighforward. First poster gives a word and the next poster provides lyrics to a song OR the title of the song AND a new word, etc. Example: Poster 1: See Next Poster: "I see a little silhouetto of a man" Star Next...
  8. SonicNintendo

    Who Should/Will Replace Simon on American Idol?

    There's been a lot of talk lately about Simon Cowell leaving Idol Next Season and who will replace him. Just wanting to know who you think should take his place. ~~ ~~ I think NOBODY should replace him and Idol goes back to the threesome as opposed to four. Last season, Idol ran over its...
  9. SonicNintendo

    Lady Gaga

    I'm all for a wide variety of music, and her hit "just dance" was great, but shes a little controversial, especially with the vmas and all. how do you go from catholic school to her? what do you think?
  10. SonicNintendo

    In Progress Following Footsteps- a Poke-FanFic

    After my previous fanfic up and failed, I started anew. Here is the Prologue and First Chapter of the story::: Credit to Psypokes for the Dex entries and Serebii for making sure I don't screw up the movesets :) Prologue: Background Following Footsteps is a Pokémon fan fiction set in the...
  11. SonicNintendo

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Exactly what it says. Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors Chuck Norris doesn't get wet, the water gets Chuck Norris-ed
  12. SonicNintendo

    IE8: Take it or leave it?

    As I've been surfing the interwebs, I've noticed that many URLs are losing support for IE6, which I have. I like IE7, but there's nowhere to download it and IE8 looks like too much. I want to know what you think of it , especially if you have it, and whether I ought to download it or not. If...
  13. SonicNintendo

    Sprite Triathlon~ Congrats to Xikaze and Aethelstan!!!

    Attention all Spriters! I have created a spriting contest in search of the best. The rules are as follows: ~ You must compete in all three events. ~ Transparency is recommended; however, it is not necessary. If the transparency skews the image, leave the white background. ~ Serious...
  14. SonicNintendo

    World Domination

    Goes like this: <Person 1>: Give some random item. <Person 2>: How this item can take over the world and another item. <Person 3 and over>: Follow above. If someone forgets an item, start from 1. If someone doesn't contribute an answer, continu from their item. Ill start. A Hat.
  15. SonicNintendo

    SOVA/Save Ash Ketchum- The TCoD Chapter

    All Pokemon fans have heard of the voice actor switch on the 10th anniversary episode. After that, Save Our Voice Actors, or SOVA was created to stand up against and rebel against Pokemon USA to bring back the original VAs. However, with the passing of Maddie Blaustein, SOVA became Save Ash...
  16. SonicNintendo

    Rate Em Hate Em- Video Game Reviews (Take 2)

    I had previously put this up and had it locked because it had no content. Here is a comparison from then to now. Then ---> Now 1 Review ---> 4 Reviews 50 Viewers ---> Over 250 Hoped to have a member service ---> Has a new member service 1 Admin (me) and 0 Mods ---> 1 admin (me) and 2 mods 4...
  17. SonicNintendo

    Match Game TCoD!

    Here's how it works: I will put a statement or two up and you have to fill in the blank. Fill in one or all of them. Just like regular Match Game; but no celebs. Same rulles apply; don't use explicit language. My responses come in parentheses after the statement. Statements: 1. At the...
  18. SonicNintendo

    Acetaminophen Awareness

    What's really going on? I heard bits and pieces in regards to this and wondered. But is it really this bad, or are the idiots who drug up on Tylenol causing us to freak out?
  19. SonicNintendo

    Suggestions Redoing Games---Sort of.

    As many may already know, I have a sprite shop, but I'm not going to put these up for sale. Thank you Spriters-Resource for all this. You're better off viewing the first one on anything but Roar of Time. 1. "Mamma Mia! This is not-a what I signed up for!" (Redo of Donkey Kong)
  20. SonicNintendo

    The shows that should be brought back and/or re-created.

    The title says it all. I think they should revamp Match Game. The one from the 70's and 80's are funny (i get repeats on GSN).