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  1. Odyssey

    What's Your Favourite Pokémon Design-Wise?

    What's Your Favourite Pokémon Design-Wise? Self-explanatory title. What's your favourite Pokémon design and why? From a personal point, my favourite Pokémon design is Mienshao. Thanks to its arm fur, it's an identifiable and rather original Pokémon. The colours are great and I also love...
  2. Odyssey

    Odyssey's Colourful Art!

    I do Pokémon and MLP:FiM art. I haven't been doing much lately, but each of the pieces I did are my personal favourites. I'm also on the lookout for some constructive criticism. Enjoy!
  3. Odyssey

    Hello everybody!

    As you already know, I'm Odyssey. I found The Cave of Dragonflies around 2009, but only started to learn about these forums in early 2014. I found TCoD while searching for Pokémon movie reviews to read. I found out that not only these reviews were well thought out and enjoyable, but the entirety...