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  1. Treechu

    Suggestions Treechu's Sprites

    Spriting again, hoorayyy Two devamps of Spiritomb, I really like these for some reason. :> Sprite of a fake legendary of mine, Planomae. Outline could probably use some work, but I like. D/P style Goomba, with extra colors. WIP of my newest fake, Nebufo. c+c plz
  2. Treechu

    Suggestions Treechu Sprites Hoo-rah

    Getting back into spriting. Don't have many examples of recent work though lol. Drifloon and Drifbilm devamps. Anthro'd version of one of my fake Pokemon... Technically isn't a sprite. xD; ..That's seriously all I have right now. 8D; Suggestions welcomed.
  3. Treechu

    Favorite Cover Songs?

    Simple question? What are your's? "Hurt" - Johnny Cash, original by Nine Inch Nails [Video] "Hallelujah" - Jeff Buckley, original by Leonard Cohen [Video] "Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, original by Judy Garland/Louis Armstrong [Video]
  4. Treechu


    This movie looks amazing. <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIpZxBczWUg Based off a short film by Shane Acker. Short film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=964QHmjLqa0&feature=related
  5. Treechu

    What Pokemon do you think could be real?

    By this I mean looks natural enough to blend in with the current animals on Earth? For me its Magikarp, I really could imagine seeing a fish like that floating around. Maybe just make the eyes a little more realistic and I think it could fit in. o: Maybe Caterpie...err...Weedle maybe. Oh...
  6. Treechu

    Treechu's Spritecicles

    M'kay, so I just started to just get back into spriting so I'm not at my best right now. Only four sprites right now. Custom D/P MissingNo, this thing was a lot harder to make then it looks. x_x; In D/P and R/B colors. Custom D/P Goomba sprite, did I succeed? Guess what pokemon was the...
  7. Treechu


    Oh my god the Creature Creator alone is amazazing, I can't wait for the full thing to be shipped. <3 Also my Sporepedia: http://www.spore.com/view/profile/Treechu
  8. Treechu

    O Hay Thar lol

    xP Excuse the bad grammar in the title. I dunno if anyone remembers me but I was pretty active on the original Cave of Dragonflies. But not so much on the newer one. But oh well, I've got a Pokemon...ey feeling going on so I decided to join again. Hi. : D