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  1. Ninjabait

    alritt u stopad perpz dis 1$ da............Bad Fic Thread!!!!!!!!!!

    We've had like, two bad fic threads recently. So, to prevent more, I'm making a bad fic thread. :D Basically just post bad fics you find lying around on the web here. Anything from My Immortal to Light And Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami is acceptable here. In short: If it's bad, we want it...
  2. Ninjabait

    Suggestions /spritefail - Ninjabait's Sprite Thread

    I've been spriting for quite a while now, and over time, I've had six other sprite threads on one other forum. And plan one more on a different forum, but right now, I'm going to dump put one here for you're viewing and critiquing pleasure. Now, I absolutely suck at introductions, so I'm just...
  3. Ninjabait

    D/P/Pt OU: Tonight's Dinner is Tommorow's Breakfast

    Title is a joke, by the way. This thread has a plot twist. This team has helped me gross over 100 points on the Smogon Server's Ladder (1136 to 1268). I just posted it to see what you guys think and to have your final thoughts. This team is to be used on ShoddyBattle, by the way. At a...
  4. Ninjabait

    A New Member Has Arrived - Pay Cuts Will Be Distributed Accordingly

    Caught your attention? Mission Accomplished. Hello, my name is Umbreon-dana, which you can obviously tell from my user name. I am a new user here, but I've had some good experience with [a] forums. I spend most of my time reading, playing Pokemon, drawing, spriting, talk-erm, typing on forums...