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  1. ZimD

    Hi! Yep, I am still alive. #glados

    Hi! Yep, I am still alive. #glados
  2. ZimD

    Yet Another Association Game

  3. ZimD

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    Hi. I don't have anything in particular to contribute but on a whim I feel like posting on this site for the first time in years and I feel like doing it here. How is life treating all of you lovely people
  4. ZimD

    I don't know French. :(

    I don't know French. :(
  5. ZimD

    R/B/Y Twitch Plays Pokémon

    Re: Twitch Plays Pokémon They did it! Praise Lord Helix!
  6. ZimD

    Rate the User Title above you!

    If it's a reference to Dairy Queen Blizzards, then 10/10 because yum. If it's not, then 4/10 because I'm mad at you for getting my hopes up.
  7. ZimD

    Circumcision. Religious freedom or inhumane torture?

    Ugh, lord, me too. Circumcision is just screwed up. I don't know about in other countries, but it's the norm here in America to just mutilate your son's genitals :| The vaaast majority of guys in my age group are circumcised. I was and not even for religious reasons, just because it's become...
  8. ZimD


    Re: POSITIVE BODY FEATURES THREAD II I am very skinny and I think skinny guys are fucking hot so I really like that. And I think my hair looks kickass after I get out of the shower.
  9. ZimD

    Rate the avatar above you

    6.5/10 because now that i think of it as relating to magcargo it's actually kind of cool, but it's also awkwardly sized
  10. ZimD

    Rate the Signature above you!

    3/10, because it isn't as disagreeable at 5 AM.
  11. ZimD

    Rate the Signature above you!

    2/10 because arbitrary randomness is not, never has been, and never will be funny, but at least it's short enough that it doesn't actively piss me off.
  12. ZimD

    Rate the User Title above you!

    7/10. Would have been higher had it actually turned out to be deep. But it's worded prettily and I get where you're coming from.
  13. ZimD

    Rate the avatar above you

    8/10. It creeps the shit out of me, but for some reason I like it
  14. ZimD

    Rate the User Title above you!

    4/10. People seriously overuse the word "trolling"
  15. ZimD

    Rate the Signature above you!

    2/10. Ridiculous, page-stretching walls of images are exactly the reason why I have signatures disabled. They're obnoxious and self-indulgent, and the "random" tags just make it worse. This was going to be the rarely-seen 0.1/10 (I reserve 0/10 for signatures with My Little Pony references), but...
  16. ZimD

    Rate the song above you

    Hmm. 7/10. I liked the violins and the video, but the guitar got too loud and over-the-top for me at some points, and I'm not a big fan of his voice. If it had been a little less.. intense, I guess, then I'd have liked it more. Any Other World - Mika
  17. ZimD

    Rate the Signature above you!

    2/10. Anything that's branded with "LOL LOOK HOW RANDOM" is inherently unfunny. But it doesn't stretch out the page, so it isn't too irritating
  18. ZimD

    Rate the song above you

    5.5/10. It's catchy and all, but doesn't have any substance to it or... anything. Eagles - Take It Easy
  19. ZimD

    Rate the User Title above you!

    8/10. It's a swell user title, I guess
  20. ZimD

    Answer A Question With A Question

    Are you implying that it would?