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  1. Munchkin

    D/P/Pt Team X

    So, this team is for battling my boyfriend, but I wanted advice and such before training them and all that. It should be noted that he's not so familiar with most Pokémon from the third generation and later, except for a few random Pokémon with significant appearances in the animé. Also, he...
  2. Munchkin

    Melodic Poetry~

    Well, yes, it's been a while since I started a thread. But here goes '^-^ So I've been writing an occasional poem for a couple years now, but I've always been too shy to post anything here. I feel outclassed. Though, right now, I'm in an expressive mood, so let's get on with it~ And no, I don't...
  3. Munchkin

    Crescent Island

    Crescent Island Yes, it's the same format again. Because I'm just that creative. In a secluded ocean far from the main Safari Zones areas, there is an island shaped like a curved claw, creatively named Crescent Island. In the bay, there is a magnificent coral reef while on the island, there is...
  4. Munchkin

    D/P/Pt Bad at strategizing D=

    Before anything, I'd like to mention that I don't participate in competitive battling with wi-fi or whatever those popular sites/programs/whatevers are. This team is for entering a tournament with a bunch of friends at school, and I wanted some pointers so I can brag about my epic victories. I...
  5. Munchkin

    Lush Mountain

    Lush Mountain Yes, I imitated the format for Black Lotus Forest. My creativity is lacking at the moment. Towering above much of the Safari Zone is a legendary mountain known as Lush Mountain. And for good reason - both the inside and outside of the mountain are said to be teeming with a decent...
  6. Munchkin

    D/P/Pt EV Calculation Order...?

    So I was just wondering, in what order are the EV gains calculated? I know that Pokérus and the Macho Brace both simply double the EVs gained, so it wouldn't matter which order they'd be calculated, and that specific situation (a Pokémon with Pokérus and holding a Macho Brace) is the one that...
  7. Munchkin

    Requests Open Harmonious Pixel Art~

    Rules 1) Standard forum rules apply~ 2) Please, no more than two or three requests per person, depending on how complex they are. I don't even have a limit on how many people can request at a time. 3) GIVE CREDIT - this means either mention me or link back to this thread (or both ^_^) wherever...
  8. Munchkin

    Wifi Help?

    I didn't know where else this belonged, so I decided to post it here. Anyway, I'm trying to get on wifi with my DS from home. I used that nifty little step-by-step guide on the official Nintendo site and, according to it, I have a wireless router (it's that little modem thing that came with the...
  9. Munchkin

    U3 Firefox is messing up! ;-;

    Yeah, I didn't know where to post this...anyways, help from the technical people on this board, please? I always use a Cruzer flash drive/U3 smart drive when on the computer. My browser on it is Firefox, because my mom loves IE and refuses to download any other browser to her computer. When I...
  10. Munchkin

    The Myrren Region~

    Hello, and welcome to the Myrren Region! As of now, no location on the national Pokémon map has been decided for Myrren. In other words, I still haven't decided if it's "south of Hoenn", "north of Orre", etc. Also, the only thing concerning Myrren that is currently available is a R/S style map...
  11. Munchkin

    Homework Help Thread

    I remembered this from the old forum because I'm doing Algebra summer homework right now =P Problem# 38) Remove parenthases by applying the Distributive Property. 20x(3-2x) So far, I have that 20x*3=60x, but I can't figure out what 20x*2x is.
  12. Munchkin

    R/S/E Does anyone know why...

    ...the towns in R/S/E are red and blue on the Hoenn map? What do those colors mean? I still can't figure it out for myself =P
  13. Munchkin

    Open Crowning Glory

    Before anything, I'd like to introduce you to the rules. Rules 1) This is either a LIT or Semi-LIT thread. Do not post using 1337, chatspeak, etc. and do not complain if you are denied the right to participate. Your grammar and spelling should be at least halfway decent if you wish to join. 2)...
  14. Munchkin


    I vaguely remember this thread at some forum at someplace, and I've recently had a very strange dream, so I decided to re-open the thread. I checked, and it seems like no one else brought it back, so... Well, what should I do about names? Well, I suppose just mentioning first names wouldn't...
  15. Munchkin

    Hack ROM Questions

    Are there ROMs for hacks of GBA games like Pokémon Quartz, Pokémon Shiny Gold, Pokémon Nature, and Pokémon Forest Nature? If there are working hacks of the aforementioned games, may I please have links to where I can download them?
  16. Munchkin

    Suggestions Melodic Art Thread~

    A place for me to store and show off random, not-so-good art. Pixel art, drawings, whatever. I wouldn't exactly say I'm very good, there are many more talented artists out there, but well, enjoy I guess! '^_^ Pokémon-Related Mirage the Shiny Flygon (Pixel-Over) Piplup and Pikachu (Crayon)...
  17. Munchkin

    Favorite Pokémon of Each Type

    Favorite Pokémon of Each Type Well, I remembered this from the previous forum, and I decided to restore it, seeing as it hasnt been revived yet. So, here goes... Grass - Sceptile, Leafeon, Vileplume Bug - Scyther, Venomoth Poison - Arbok, Nidoking, Haunter, Skuntank Fire - Ninetales, Houndoom...
  18. Munchkin

    A Melodic Return~

    Yes, it's Melodic Harmony! Originally known as ~SqUiiGgLy-StArr*! As of today, eighth grade graduate of PS#*cough*'s class of '08! Melody, who will probably make many spelling and/or grammar errors because of her newly done nails! Melody, who is twelve years old! Melody, who participates in...