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  1. Kai Lucifer


    Because the title gives an overview as to how often this thread'll prolly be updated. So yeah, for those who don't already know, I like drawing. I'll post some of it here occasionally when I find the time. I've had a few art threads in the past but they all died. One last try can't hurt though...
  2. Kai Lucifer

    ArtMo 2010

    Welcome, fellow artists, to . . . |||||||The Third Annual Obsessive Scribblers' ArtMo!||||||| For those who don't know, ArtMo is, simply put, the artistic equivalent to NaNoWriMo. Started by the Obsessive Scribblers of tCoD in 2008, ArtMo is an activity where participants aim to draw 31 pieces...
  3. Kai Lucifer

    I'm bisexual

    and I came out recently. It was on my mind for a while prior and at first it was weird to think of myself in that way. I don't think I was at any point worried about what other people would think because my parents constantly said they'd love me and I hoped that my friends would be supportive...
  4. Kai Lucifer

    MCM Expo October 2010

    Wow, I left making a thread late. How awful. MCM's a bi-annual british convention held in the London ExCeL centre at the end of May and October. Me, opal and Dannichu met last May and I'm going again, along with numerous other people. Anyone else from tCoD going too?
  5. Kai Lucifer

    Oh Yeah!

    It's my birthday. c: And also it's FMC's birthday too. c:
  6. Kai Lucifer

    Eclipse Tower

    Eclipse Tower The Eclipse Tower; an impossibly large structure that seems to span upwards into space. The area is surrounded by shallow, savahnna-like grass and parts of the tower that has collapsed. A Safari Ball costs $5, but you have the chance to look around and decide on what you want...
  7. Kai Lucifer

    Illusionary Lake

    Illusionary Lake Hello, and welcome to the Illusionary Lake, for your next Safari Zone experience. The area is surrounded by luscious green pine trees, dusted with a white powder... snow, perhaps? or maybe ash? Inside, the lake is veiled by a mist that falls to below your waist... or is it a...
  8. Kai Lucifer

    Suggestions Flipnotes are art, too!

    It's been a while, art forum. There's an application for the DSi that's free to download from the shopping channel called Flipnote Studio. It lets you create flipbook-style animations, like the little books that you can open and flick the pages to make the drawings move. I personally use this...
  9. Kai Lucifer

    Feeling really christmassy all of a sudden.

    I'm usually excited about christmas, but I'm really feeling warm inside and happy this time around. It's a really nice feeling, which is a change from the varying rates of depression that have struck me this year. Just wanted to let you guys know. X3
  10. Kai Lucifer

    ArtMo/DraMo 2009

    NaDecArtMo/DraMo is an annual art competition created here on tCoD last year. During December, participants draw and submit one drawing/piece of art and every day until the 31st. Submissions don't have to be uploaded/shown on the day that they are drawn, but it'd be nice to finish off before the...
  11. Kai Lucifer


    Birthday cakes, that is. Happy Birthday, Kinova.
  12. Kai Lucifer

    Suggestions Dead Artist walking - Kai's art thread.

    Yup Yup this be art here. Since I've found my Pen Tablet, I've been more reluctant to create traditional art and have been creating Digital art instead. Sometimes I use my Pens and scan pictures in: 1 2 3 4 Sometimes I open up MS paint and doodle a bit. 1 2 3 4 5 But now that I have Photoplus...
  13. Kai Lucifer

    Drum and bass?

    My cousin is currently in hospital and I thought it would be nice to lend him a spare mp3 player of mine while he's there when I visit him on saturday. I've heard that he likes drum and bass music, but I really have no idea of what good bands there are of that genre. Any help?
  14. Kai Lucifer

    Crazy Birthday

    It's Crazy Linoone's birthday. So, uh, Happy Birthday! http://dragonflycave.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=322&pictureid=3160
  15. Kai Lucifer

    An RP Idea

    I'll admit it, most of my RPs if not all have ended (as i believe) prematurely. I think that I have good ideas, but I never have the will to continue them. That's why I've decided to get some feedback from people before I start another one up. I currently have an idea, but I fear it may be a bit...
  16. Kai Lucifer


    How do you like yours? I prefer mine lightly toasted, with butter and either jam or marmite.
  17. Kai Lucifer

    Dax Johnson

    To be honest, I won't be surprised if nobody else on the whole of the forum knows about this guy. Talented musician, vocalist, pianist, died at 30 in 2005. Jadynn's Lullaby, Through the storm and Crazy. Don't watch the videos if you don't want to, I just found videos with his music on them.
  18. Kai Lucifer


    Wish me a happy 15th birthday today. And also wish FullMetal Cookies a happy 18th.
  19. Kai Lucifer

    Attention Spriters!

    YOU ALL SUCK Me and a group of other spriters have teamed up to help the new and the noobish at the art of spriting become better. We've been working on this for a while now, and we think that we're finally ready to reveal it to you guys. So without further ado, the Spriting Society...
  20. Kai Lucifer

    I have bantam chickens!

    Yeah, we got them yesterday and let them get used to the coop. I took some photos today and fwee~ are they cute! I'm lazy so I'm just going to post a link to my LJ entry. Tweet Tweet~