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  1. Zapi


    hello! um, I'm not sure if anyone really remembers me since I was (and still am) rather shy and I was never super close to anyone here, but I used to frequent these forums in like. 2012? that's when my last post here was, anyway. buuuut I remembered this place after checking one of my older...
  2. Zapi

    SSB Choice Mafia (N3)

    The sun sets over Smashville, and the citizens go to bed, locking their doors and hoping the Mafia decide to spare them for the night.... 48 hours for night actions.
  3. Zapi

    SSB Choice Mafia (Sign-ups CLOSED)

    Basically, you can choose any character that has been playable in any Super Smash Bros. game, and I will give you a role that sort of relates to that character. If you can't remember what characters are available, or if you've never played an SSB game, refer to the list I have made at the bottom...
  4. Zapi

    Desolate Wasteland Reserve

    This once-beautiful, wide-open field has been devastated by an intense fire, ravaging what used to be a safe-haven for grass-types and other field-dwelling pokémon. The place has now become a barren wasteland, with very little of anything for most pokémon to live off of. Despite the name...