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    I do believe that's part of a debate. Hate to disappoint you, but your post was not some all-knowing end-of-discussion to it that means I cannot provide my own opinion on the matter.
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    It significantly lowers the odds, does it not? Especially if both parties where them. But okay, AK. If I can't use that as my defense, then I suppose I don't really have anything but at least try looking around for a good couple to adopt the baby (rather than a local orphanage) before...
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    I believe it was at least bother with the condom.
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    Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'

    Racism is searched out for way too much. One time, my friend was trying to make her other friend blink. (I'm not sure why, my friend's just weird like that.) Then this other girl got po'd came by and tried to make my friend blink. When she failed, she said my friend was being racist. o_o
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    Sexual Orientation

    I'm pretty sure I'm at least straighter than the lines I try to draw. :P
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    I know. ;) But abort pills/surgery is not exactly foolproof, either.
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    You don't?
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    I personally think no unless it's rape. Wear the dang condom instead.
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    2008 American Presidential Election

    I'm sorry, but I can't help but notice the irony. Each side has its propaganda news. :P
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    Kingdom Hearts

    Well, yes on Dragon Maleficent. I stayed on the trees on the side and let Donald and Goofy do the work, went to get an ice cream, and came back to deliver the final blow. Riku 2 took some time for me, which was annoying because it's got this long cutscene in front of it. D:
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    The Disney Thread

    http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/princessandthefrog/ ^Fairly awesome Princess and the Frog teaser. Love the firefly. :)
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    The Dark Knight

    Epic. :D I was thinking of not going, but the Joker is my favorite villain, so I went. And it was a nice spin on the character.
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    Favorite cartoons

    My favorite new ones are Chowder, The Mighty B!, and The Spectacular Spider-Man. Awesome shows. :) But my favorites are Batman: The Animated Series, Dexter's Lab, Animaniacs, the first three seasons of SpongeBob, Avatar, and South Park.
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    Stupid things you thought were true: World Version!

    - Moms magically get babies when they REALLY want them and dads don't have a say in the matter. - Steve actually did go to college and left Blue with Joe. - The pencils we were given were still made with the poisonous lead. I panicked when I chewed on the point instead of the eraser. D:
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    The Disney Thread

    My favorite Disney films in the canon are Tarzan, Pinocchio, and The Emperor's New Groove. My favorite DisneyToons film is A Goofy Movie. My favorite Pixar film is Ratatouille. I can't friggin wait for Up and Rapunzel (Glen Keane + this picture(promo still?) = sweetness). My hope for my...
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    Should Spanish be a required course in American schools?

    No. There's way too many requirements as it is. At this school, they just made it required to have ten semesters of English (Meaning the usual classes and then an additional class.) for incoming Freshmen. If they wanted high schoolers to get a broad understanding of Spanish, then they would...
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    Kung Fu Panda

    http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21598,23842107-5005368,00.html o_o;
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    Kingdom Hearts

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    Kingdom Hearts

    Did you know Marluxia was originally meant to be a girl? I was mad when I heard that. It would've been awesome having the two main villians in CoM be female. I loved KHI, but I haven't really liked KHII as much. The Disney worlds in that game were almost like lip service, absolutely nothing to...
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    2008 American Presidential Election

    Okay, then. Let's say you're a Democrat in a red state that's always been a red state. What's the point of voting Democrat? Might as well vote for McCain because not enough people are going to vote with you to give electoral votes to Obama. See what I mean? That kind of idea should not be...