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  1. Espeon

    Super Monotype Doubles Tournament

    So, I promised this would be up before my friend's wedding. Guess that makes me somewhat of a liar. Whoops. Without further ado, prepare yourselves for the most monotype tournament you may or may not have participated in! The Rules: Battles are to be conducted following the Smogon OU format...
  2. Espeon

    Summer Sun/Moon Pre-Release Tournament?

    Yo! So I've been kind of wanted to do something with the WiFi league for ages and am hoping that the release of Sun/Moon will help to breathe a little bit of life back into this place. However, in the mean time, many people should theoretically be enjoying a little bit of freedom over Summer...
  3. Espeon

    Ruby on Rails?

    Hello, My friend has been encouraging me to learn Ruby on Rails but, there's only so much he can tell me through Skype before I kind of hit a wall and need additional resources to help out. Unfortunately, I'm really bad at finding additional resources. As such I was wondering if you lovely...
  4. Espeon

    Colour Calibration Issues

    Hey, So I've been having some issues with colour calibrating my monitor and I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to best approach colour calibration? Basically, the monitor I'm using is my friend's old flatscreen TV - which may be causing issues within itself, as it's not...
  5. Espeon

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Since the last one hit the 1,000 posts-for-closure benchmark, here's the new thread! So, what games ARE you playing? :o
  6. Espeon

    Happy birthday to ultraviolet!

    Yay, today is ultraviolet's 19th birthday and we are throwing her a massive party in this thread. Happy birthday, ultraviolet!
  7. Espeon

    Happy birthday, Nyuu!

    Well, today is Nyuu's birthday and he has reached the ripe old age of 19! Although 19 isn't really old - to be honest it's pretty young. Either way, happy birthday Nyuu! Hopefully you'll be having a huge Pinkie Pie style party at some point. :D
  8. Espeon

    Objection! (Ace Attorney fan-club, take 2).

    Closing the original ace attorney fan club due to it reaching 1,000 posts; 500 errors are evil? Quoted the first and last posts in the previous fan club! Enjoy.
  9. Espeon

    Happy birthday Negrek and Butterfree!

    Well, today happens to be the birthdays of not just one but two of our administators! (Though this thread is probably about 5 hours early for Negrek.) Negrek is 22 and Butterfree is 21 today! Happy birthday to you both! :D I somehow imagine Butterfree will be binging on cake and ReGenesis today.
  10. Espeon

    Pokémon Tarot Cards

    Pokémon Tarot Cards Pokémon Tarot Cards Experiment: The objective is to create a (hopefully) complete deck of tarot cards, designed and compiled by different artists. The final image sizes should be 13cm by 19.8cm drawn at or above 300dpi for a good-ish quality of printing, should anyone want...
  11. Espeon

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mafia.

    All role PMs have been sent! The denziens of Sunnydale were sleeping soundly in their beds. Well, except for a few pesky vampires. Working hard, they'd found a way to get invited into every single person's house in Sunnydale. With the imminent threat of the Vampire's hunt for fresh blood, the...
  12. Espeon

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mafia.

    Mafia. Hello, and welcome to Sunnydale! I hear that the BtVS club has been wanting to play a BtVS-styled mafia? Thought I'd organise one, then. Vampires. The Master - The leader of the Vampires of Sunnydale, for this particular game of mafia. He acts as the leader of the vampires, delivering...
  13. Espeon

    [Tier II] Perchester Castle Town Gym

    The historic town of Perchester is a quiet castle town. The town is iconic in the way that no new major construction work has occured since the 1800s. Originally a castle, travellers settled around the castle and built permanent housing. The housing is archaic and the vast majority of houses...
  14. Espeon

    Happy Birthday Vixie~!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D I hope you're having a great 19th birthday, you. If you're not I'm going to go over there and punch you on the nose for not having a good time! >:(
  15. Espeon

    #WiFi - TCoD WiFi League Official Chat Room.

    #WiFi How to access #WiFi: 1. Firstly of all, you need a chatting client. It can be anything. I'd advise downloading xChat or mIRC. If you don't fancy downloading any programmes onto your computer then you can connect via mibbit, which will launch in your browser. Mibbit Chat. - Online IRC...
  16. Espeon

    I'd like to learn a language.

    I've been thinking about whether I should or not for a while however, while the idea of being completely fluent in another language really captivates me, I really need to decide on one language and dedicate myself to this one language. I usually decide I'll learn something, give up halfway...
  17. Espeon


    So, with the release of HGSS, I would have somewhat expected there to be quite a few people posting to have their WiFi profiles updated with their new HGSS friend codes, but that just hasn't happened. (Okay, I tell a lie. I wasn't actually expecting there to be any increase in activity at all)...
  18. Espeon

    Quick tournament, competitive and non competitive divisions.

    In hopes of building league interest, I've taken it upon myself to hold this tournament. There will be two divisions. The Chrome division, for more competitive players and the Crystal division, for a more relaxed game play. The rules: Both divisions will follow these rules: You may use any...
  19. Espeon

    [WANTED] Adamant synchroniser.

    If someone can lend me their adamant synchroniser so that I can catch a 31 speed IV adamant ditto. Better yet if someone could lend me their 31 speed IV adamant ditto, that would be just as appreciated. You will get your Pokémon back after I am finished but if you're looking to get rid of...
  20. Espeon

    What would you like to see from the league?

    I've noticed that the league has been gradually declining in activity and almost come to a standstill. Kratos has given me permission to attempt to run a few tournaments to attempt to bring a little bit of activity to the league before mid-summer. However, I am unwilling to make a new...