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  1. IcySapphire

    Weird Al on chain e-mails

    Weird Al strikes again with an ode to the chain e-mail in all its forms: Presenting the chain e-mail breaker's anthem!
  2. IcySapphire

    B/W: Musicals--missed potential?

    Does anyone else think that the musicals could've been more than a glorified dress-up competition? I wanted some form of interaction besides dressing the Pokemon up--a dancing mini-game, timing poses, putting together full "performances (a la appeals)--just something besides dressing them up...
  3. IcySapphire

    What Pokemon would've looked like in the 1930's

    Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tNsoAkGARk
  4. IcySapphire

    Happy 25th birthday, Link!

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda...so share your memories and speculations of Skyward Sword here.
  5. IcySapphire

    Your Favorite Books

    What book (or books) has touched you so much, you find yourself reading it again and again? Do you have a memory associated with the book? Is the plot action packed, or feature something you love? Or is the story just that good? For me, my current favorite book is this. While you don't have to...
  6. IcySapphire

    Christmas gifts

    So what have you gotten for Christmas? So far I have: A crock pot Some cute socks Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit DVD A sparkly scarf Sonic Colors (DS)
  7. IcySapphire

    Disney's Tangled

    Just got back from seeing this and it is awesome! Anyone else seen it?
  8. IcySapphire

    Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light

    Anyone have the game? If you have it, what do you think so far? If you don't, do you want to get it?
  9. IcySapphire

    Icy gained a level!

    Or, it's my birthday! ::braces self for presents::
  10. IcySapphire

    Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

    Anyone have it? Care to share tips, tricks and impressions? My copy arrived last Fri., and I'm enjoying it very much.
  11. IcySapphire

    4 years of YouTube service!

    On this day 4 years ago, I started a YouTube channel, having no idea of the craziness and celebrity to come. I've come a long way in 4 years, and hope to be serving all your walkthrough needs for many years to come.
  12. IcySapphire

    Disney's World of Color

    So I'm sure you've heard by now that Disney's California Adventure has a new nighttime show called "World of Color", boasting fountains galore, fire, lasers, water screens, and of course, bursting with color. So in case you can't make it out to Disneyland, here's a vid of the whole show...
  13. IcySapphire

    Black/White party

    What do you think the Black/White anime party will be like? For me, I hope for both the hero and the heroine to join Ash and possibly Brock. so the lineup: Ash B/W hero B/W heroine Brock
  14. IcySapphire

    Introducing a friend to Pokemon...

    A friend of mine has become interested in anime, and I figured showing her an episode of Pokemon would be a good place to start. The problem is, I'm not sure which episode to show. I do have a short list of episodes: --The Problem with Paras (one of the first episodes I watched) --The Battling...
  15. IcySapphire

    USA Zelda theme+Japanese Zelda theme=this

    Double your Zelda, double your fun!
  16. IcySapphire


    Ever since catching the Irish dance show Riverdance on TV years ago, I have always dreamed of going to see it live. I learned at work this week that it is coming to my town, and work is offering me a chance to go on the 23rd! If everything falls into place, that week will be a dream come true...
  17. IcySapphire

    Icy has gained a level!

    Or, it's my birthday!
  18. IcySapphire

    I can finally own a classic game forever.

    Ever since I first rented it years ago, I have always loved the classic RPG Legend of Mana. Thing is, I could never find it for sale while it was availiable, so I just resigned to renting it on weekends which I could rent games. With family coming in for the Fourth of July, they all know that I...
  19. IcySapphire

    Open Super Smash Bros.: Rescue Across Worlds

    The premise: On Earth, no child obtains greater happiness than playing video games, and will happily wile away hours saving far away worlds via a Game Boy, DS, or Wii. But many children do not know that the world of Nintendo is an entire world unto itself, made up of other worlds such as the...
  20. IcySapphire

    ::blows party horn and throws confetti::

    My YouTube channel turned 3 today! If you want to leave well wishes or play one of the party games, you can visit here