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  1. alonsyalonso

    I'm Happy!!!

    Soz if this is in the wrong place, plz move it if so. Are you Happy, if so write here, thanks (simple enough) I mean i'm happy, I got the girl i've been waiting for for years :^) I'M HAPPY
  2. alonsyalonso

    a Swedish dance mix is lnvading my Life!

    bet you never heard that one before! No but seriously caramelladansen which is in my sig, is now officially invading my life, its my ring tone, wallpaper, Its on my I-pod. Top 10 songs, i've spread it across the whole school, its INSANE!!! No really i'm not crazy just plz, comments would be...
  3. alonsyalonso

    Sub-Space Emissionary-The Great Maze

    I have just entered the Great Maze in Brawl story mode, and I would quite like some info. I'm not very good and it says 50% or so through, how flipping long does it take? what do I do here (I know I have to rebattle bosses, go through old stages and battle "Data" (thats what I call it) Versions...
  4. alonsyalonso

    (good DS games wanted)

    Now when I get my enormous Game card that i've been saving on for ages, (and I mean ages, I'll be able to get about 6 DS Games if I put an extra £5 in. So what games should I get this is a bunch of games that I've thought of. (This'll be in about November when I get it.) 1.)ElectroPlankton...
  5. alonsyalonso

    SSB: Pokemon characters you want to see

    Which pokemon related characters do you think deserve a polace in the next SSB? Heres my list: Sinnoh Trainer-has Turtwig, Monferno and Empoleon Mewtwo (again) If they improve him Pokemon Ranger-has Plusle and Minum Pokemon Rescue Team? Chikorita,Charmander and bulbasaur I'd quite like to see...
  6. alonsyalonso

    GTS Trading- Requests open!

    This is the GTS Trading any Sinnoh pokemon up for trade, shiny or not Details: Pokemon: Shiny/Not Shiny Hold Item:Restricted: Level: 10, 50, 99 (Don't do IV'S or Natures-sorry) What pokemon you're trading (full details) this isn'ta shop, these are all fair trades, my name is Ghost Happy Trading!
  7. alonsyalonso

    Come on! I know you hate me.

    Okay I know theres a lot of people out there on these forums who i've wound up when I was new, this is your chance to get back at me. I deserve it and only post if you hate me and wanna insult me, or if you just find me really annoying. Mewtwo? Kai? PichuK? Say anything you like. P.S Don't post...
  8. alonsyalonso

    What's your favourite Regi?

    Hey personally I love all of the Regi's Regice, Registeel, Regirock and even Regigigas. So just say whether you like the Regi's, what you think of them, pictures or just how cool they are!
  9. alonsyalonso

    New Beginnings Sprite Contest!

    Hello and welcome to my new sprite contest! here you can do any type of sprite that you want BUTYOU MUST USE ONE OF THE KANTO STARTER POKEMON! so that might make it a little harder... so plz lay the description out like this: Pokemon used: Base Pokemon: (Must be squirtle,Bulbasaur or...
  10. alonsyalonso

    MATURE Talk about Sex

    ermm... I have a girlfriend and i really really like her and if you've read the top I think you'll know what i'm talking about, I really like her really erm so i'd like to talk about it and consider it, plz talk about it, I need to understand what i'm about to do, i'm high on the detail, and...
  11. alonsyalonso

    Sharkbite Sprite Competiton! -OPEN-

    This competiton is now officially open! Here are the 5 Different Contests: CONTEST#1-PokemonTrainer Costumes CONTEST#2-A new baby form for any pokemon (any skills can be used) CONTEST#3-Recolouring any pokemon with the colours of another (please specify) CONTEST#4-MEGASPRITE!-any sprite...
  12. alonsyalonso

    D/P/Pt Do you use the GPS?

    I only really used it to fufill my pokedex, dont do that anymore? do any of you use the GTS? When was the last time you used it? What was the best trade you've ever done? Plz ignore title, i know full well that a GPS is a device -I use it all the time...
  13. alonsyalonso

    D/P/Pt My in-game Team

    This is my in-game team one for my pokemon Diamond, which ive restarted recently, and Pokemon Pearl my favourite. Diamond: Kadabra (ingame trade) Sandshrew (trade) Monferno Grotle (trade) Prinplup (trade) Aipom Pearl: Shedinja (Pal Park) Weavile Regice Palkia Piplup Garchomp Old Pearl...
  14. alonsyalonso

    What would be your PMD village be?

    What would you have in your Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Village, i'd have a bigone, and im about to make a ridiculously long list on what i would like in mine mine would be a city. It would all be based around a statue of Arceus Shops: Clefable-Friend Areas Kecleon Bros:Shop (Items) Beldum and...
  15. alonsyalonso

    Which skin/style do you use?

    What style do you use? Roar of Time V-Bulletin Dewgong Type Axe Murderer I use V-Bulletin, nice and Simple. When I feel bored i use Roar of Time Do you think Butterfree should make the website ones available for the forums or can you think of new ideas for the skins, I know I'd like to see a...
  16. alonsyalonso

    What pokemon do you never want to evolve?

    This is'nt for strategic gameplay just pokemon that you like. Me theres a lot, I like Gible more than gabite and Garchomp I like Squirtle more than its evolutions Raichus okay, but Pikachus pretty cool Sam with: Totodile Piplup Hoothoot Bulbasaur Buneary
  17. alonsyalonso

    X-Metal Pokemon Avatar Shop!

    This is the X-Metal Pokemon Avatar shop The newest Avatar shop on the web! I can do a bunch of different styles and forms and will try anything. Styles: Any single pokemon image NEW! Pokemon Messages! Made with Sprites! Funny! Random or requested (restricted) (Unnamed-not made by me)...
  18. alonsyalonso

    The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios

    aww.... I found out a little while ago they got rid of the Back to the future ride, that rocked.Shame, couldnt they get rid of Woodywoodpeckers play area or something?! I loved that ride but now theres an even better ride, The Simpsons Ride I went on it and it rocked, BTW i live in England so I...
  19. alonsyalonso

    D/P/Pt My 3 Strategy Teams

    1.)The Boss Team Ice-Unit L.V 99-Regice Moves: Zap Cannon Ice Beam Hyper Beam Hammer Arm EndOfDays L.V 100 (Traded)-Giratina Moves: Earth Power Slash Shadow Claw Aura Sphere X-Metal L.V 91-Metagross Moves: Take Down Hyper Beam Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash Alpha L.V99 registeel Moves iron head Flash...
  20. alonsyalonso

    What is your favourite single Pokemon ever

    What is your favourite single pokemon at the moment, no "but alsos", a definite favourite, mine is squirtle at the mo, better than gible because of Brawl