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  1. Lord of the Fireflies

    Eta Carinae vs. Murkrow

    Eta Carinae vs Murkrow Eta Carinae's active squad shellos-west Knossos the male Shellos (West Sea) <Storm Drain> @ Leftovers (1 exp.) rhyhorn Commodus the male Rhyhorn <Rock Head> @ Protector bayleef Cordelia the female Bayleef <Overgrow> @ Wise Glasses (2 exp.) vullaby Rahel the female...
  2. Lord of the Fireflies

    How do we get new people to join ASB?

    Okay, so in the few months following ASB's miraculous revival (props to Zhorken* again no we won't say it enough) the forum was bustling with activities, lots of battles were battled, and everyone was pretty excited. I've noticed a good decrease in activities however, as people got bored of it...
  3. Lord of the Fireflies

    Event Moves

    Hello there! I've been meaning to do this for quite a while, and finally got around to it, so here goes nothing. Some of you may have noticed that through the revival of ASB, and by extent the creation of the database, it is now a lot easier for refs and players to find out what exactly is the...
  4. Lord of the Fireflies

    The Omskivar vs. Totodile

    The Omskivar vs Totodile The Omskivar's active squad mienfoo Louie the male Mienfoo <Inner Focus> @ Lucky Egg tepig Porkpie the female Tepig <Blaze> buneary Peaches the female Buneary <Run Away> @ Soothe Bell elekid Rerun the male Elekid <Static> @ Chesto Berry chespin Bronn the male Chespin...
  5. Lord of the Fireflies

    Sangfroidish vs. Music Dragon

    Sangfroidish vs Music Dragon Sangfroidish's active squad torchic Lynne the female Torchic <Blaze> sneasel Sakuya the female Sneasel <Inner Focus> @ Razor Claw braixen Quelana the female Braixen <Blaze> @ Sun Stone noibat Kalameet the male Noibat <Telepathy> @ Yache Berry honedge Artorias the...
  6. Lord of the Fireflies

    The NFE Project

    A while ago, back in the Gen IV days, when everybody played on Shoddy Battle and Ninetails and Politoed sucked, I came across a small SB server that went by the name of Gary Oak Battle Server (more or less, I don’t remember exactly). It happened when I got bored of OU and wanted to try something...
  7. Lord of the Fireflies

    Altoram Dept. Store II (Now with Sprites!)

    ArchenAltoram Dept. Store IITirtouga Just outside the busy streets of ASB Central (and its regional border) lies a building the likes of which cannot be found anywhere outside a League-controlled region. Inside its doors you will find shelves upon shelves of... absolutely nothing. The rows are...
  8. Lord of the Fireflies

    Star Wars: Clone Wars

    It's been a few seasons already, and while i'm not watching it hardcore like some of you do with ponies I like it a lot and was wondering if anybody else did :0 The graphics are astounding, the characters incredibly well-developed, plus: it's frickin' STAR WARS
  9. Lord of the Fireflies

    blazheirio889 vs. Grass King

    blazheirio889's Active Squad Gardevoir Eledancia the Female Gardevoir Ability: Trace Swablu Lutchrium the Male Swablu Ability: Natural Cure Trapinch Sceratio the Male Trapinch Ability: Arena Trap Cradily Phalanx the Male Cradily Ability: Suction Cups Item: Big Root Cubone Loa the Female...
  10. Lord of the Fireflies

    Pokédex Match B/W Edition II

    Pokédex Match B/W Edition II Pokedex Match is back, now with the B/W Pokemon for guessing! Can you guess a Pokemon just from their Pokedex entry? The rules are simple: I will post a Pokedex entry, and your job is to guess what Pokemon it is. HOWEVER: --You are not allowed to look the entry...
  11. Lord of the Fireflies

    The Forgotten Orphanage

    The Forgotten Orphanage The Forgotten Orphanage is a very old building. As it name states, it used to be an orphanage, but after a nuclear disaster several years ago, it had been abandoned by the population; people were afraid the spirits of the dead children would haunt the place. Since...
  12. Lord of the Fireflies

    Lirris vs. Ampharos

    Dapper Deathclaw's Active Squad Spatz the Male Pichu Ability: Static Item: Light Ball Onikami the Male Poochyena Ability: Run Away Item: Muscle Band Lori the Female Starly Ability: Keen Eye Avery the Male Taillow Ability: Guts Hytanix the Male Deino Ability: Hustle Helios the Male...
  13. Lord of the Fireflies

    Lucas vs. Whirlpool

    Whirlpool's NFE Squad Shelly the Female Shellos Ability: Sticky Hold Item: Water Stone Wisp the Male Gastly Ability: Levitate Mink the Female Minccino Ability: Skill Link Item: Moon Stone Whirr the Unknown Klink Ability: Plus Hydra the Male Deino Ability: Hustle Firelily the Female...
  14. Lord of the Fireflies

    Skyman vs. Zapi

    Skyman's Active Squad Jack the Male Mudkip Ability: Torrent Pika the Male Pichu Ability: Static Loom the Female Shroomish Ability: Poison Heal Psy the Female Ralts Ability: Trace Star the Female Starly Ability: Keen Eye Zapi's Active Squad Violet the Female Bulbasaur Ability...
  15. Lord of the Fireflies

    Internal Server Error

    At first this happened rarely, but now this is all the time. Like 4 times on 5 when I try to post or edit somethings it happens. Help?
  16. Lord of the Fireflies

    IT'S OVER 9000!

    okay guys you really have to help me on this what the fuck is that and what started that gee I don't understand why everybody is making puns and jokes and more puns about that.... Source? Reason why it is so funny/amazing? Other things that might help me?
  17. Lord of the Fireflies

    New tcod Style im not sure to like

    All of a sudden my plain and perfect Dewgong style changed into a awful style, obviously made exclusively to troll, with stunfisks all around. Page Title: the CABE OF DRAGOMFLIES,, Am i the only victim because it sucks.
  18. Lord of the Fireflies


    With all the recent news about Kadhafi, all the violent revolutions of the people who want him to leave the country, and him denying completely and saying that the people loves him and they would die for him. Everybody is wondering how to make him quit the Country. Is violence the only...
  19. Lord of the Fireflies

    I am Cosmic Blueberry

    First of all, call me CB. yes, yes, like Choice Band. Awesome, isn't it? I came here with no other goal than to try out the Anime-Style battling. No other thing. I am a boy, too old in my opinion to play Pokémon but whatever, I can't help it. I got bored of Pokémon Online and so here I...