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  1. Butterfree

    Secret Link...again

    You've made some great, sound observations otherwise, though!
  2. Butterfree

    Clue Game Hints

    Well, what's the question the clue is asking?
  3. Butterfree

    Clue Game Hints

    You sure?
  4. Butterfree

    I grew up with this site.

    Hey, welcome! I miss the incredibly varied flora of fan websites that used to exist about basically everything. Fandom is all concentrated on social media and blogs these days, and while those have their upsides, they make information a lot harder to find, and they just don't have the sheer...
  5. Butterfree

    What an interesting corner of the internet

    Hey there, welcome! Glad you enjoy the site!
  6. Butterfree

    Clue Game Hints

    It's not about weaknesses/resistances! Consider the title of the clue as well.
  7. Butterfree

    Clue Game Hints

    It's not to do with it being a Gen II Pokémon. The list of Pokémon named in the clue is a very particular list; try to figure out what those Pokémon have in common. You may also want to keep in mind that when these clues were made the newest generation was Gen IV.
  8. Butterfree

    Magikarp: the Gathering

    See if anything about that, in context, rings a bell about something else on the site.
  9. Butterfree

    What is your favourite base stage water starter?

    Mine's definitely Totodile, followed by Piplup, then Squirtle. I don't tend to like first-stage Water starters too much; the only gen where the Water starter is my favorite first stage is G/S/C.
  10. Butterfree

    Magikarp: the Gathering

    Yeah, that'd be a sensible way to do it. Don't know when I might get around to implementing it, though.
  11. Butterfree

    New decade, new forums

    Hey, good to see you again!
  12. Butterfree

    Just a quick javascript question.

    Something like this: <input type="text" id="input"> <button type="button" id="button">Submit</button> <p id="result"></p> <script> document.getElementById("button").onclick = function() { var value = document.getElementById("input").value.toLowerCase(); var result; if (value ===...
  13. Butterfree

    Just a quick javascript question.

    How do you want the user to input it? Do you just want a single-line text input field, or something else? Should the message appear when the user presses a button, or should it appear as they type?
  14. Butterfree

    New logo suggestions!

    oh my god, it's perfect
  15. Butterfree

    Haii >3

    Hey, welcome to the forums!
  16. Butterfree

    [Sign-Ups] Killing Game RP

    Let's do this, it's time for... TEENAGE DAVE Name: David Ambrose (Dave) Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Geneticist Appearance: This, but probably not actually wearing that shirt What others may know about you: As the Ultimate Geneticist, he figured out the key to splicing human and animal genes...
  17. Butterfree


    Yes hello I like musicals (sometimes) My very absolute favorites are Jesus Christ Superstar (probably favorite musical for life, I have written a bunch about it on Tumblr including an 8500-word bullet list of All Of My Thoughts) and Groundhog Day (now criminally obscure thanks to closing on...
  18. Butterfree

    Pokémon Fansite Badge Quest!

    I think this sounds very cute if we can get a few sites in on it! Are you thinking each site would just make their own badge however they like, or that there'd be some kind of unified style?
  19. Butterfree

    Out of Context TVTropes Mafia Quotes Mafia

    Hydrei, I know you meant no harm and I’m sorry people are giving you a hard time about it (please be nice, RNP). But please, if you’re going to take part in a game like mafia, you need to read and understand the rules of the game. The only people who may post game-relevant content in a mafia...
  20. Butterfree

    Out of Context TVTropes Mafia Quotes Mafia

    that's not a 'bevy' of anything!!