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  1. Butterfree

    Freeform pronouns

    By popular request, the pronoun profile field is now a freeform field. The values entered in the previous drop-down field have been imported into the new one, unfortunately as the identifiers for those answers, so where your pronoun bit would previously have said "she/her", it'll now just read...
  2. Butterfree

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D7

    The sun sets upon Troperville. Something strange is in the air. You can all feel it as you retreat to your beds. Tonight, Someone Dies... probably. The night phase has begun. Please submit your night actions via PM to Butterfree. You should all have received your role PMs; if you did not...
  3. Butterfree

    Sutoraiku High

    Last year, I released a demo version of my magnum opus, Sutoraiku High, a visual novel about drama, friendships, prejudice, bullying, total societal upheaval, and high school romance, with an anticipated release date of April 2020. I am happy to announce that today is April 2020, and...
  4. Butterfree

    Bingeworthy TV

    Many of us may be lacking in stuff to do during this pandemic - so what bingeworthy TV series have you watched lately that you’d recommend to others? My favorite TV series is still Breaking Bad, and the ongoing spin-off Better Call Saul is also pretty excellent - so if you want a lot of...
  5. Butterfree

    Feedback wanted: Style requests

    I’ve already made a couple of main site styles for the forums (you can switch in the bottom left of the page), but there are a bunch more, and probably style elements that could be different. This is a catch-all thread for style feedback. Anything bothering you about the current styles? Hoping...
  6. Butterfree


    You might all be sick of talking about this, but! How are you doing in these pandemic times? Are you infected? Quarantined? Worried? What’s the official response been like in your countries? Do the authorities seem to have a handle on it, or is it pure chaos? What should be done? What’s the...
  7. Butterfree

    Forum revival TV Tropes Mafia revival

    Back in the distant past, I attempted to run a game of mafia called TV Tropes Mafia. Literally fifty people signed up for it, and I had a lot of fun (with opaltiger) creating roles for it, and then after a couple of very hectic days where nobody knew what was going on, the game sputtered and...
  8. Butterfree

    New decade, new forums

    Welcome to the newest incarnation of the Cave of Dragonflies forums! As you can see, I've upgraded the forum software to a shiny new XenForo over the more than a decade old vBulletin 3.8. As of this writing, I have not yet created any custom styles, and I'm sure there are a bunch of kinks to...
  9. Butterfree

    Forum rules

    Respect other people. Even if you don't like what someone is saying, express your disagreement civilly. Don't mock or make fun of other members; don't post complaining about other members (instead, contact a staff member if you have concerns about someone's behaviour); don't make sweeping...
  10. Butterfree

    2019 Mafia Championships

    Hey, everyone! We've once again been invited to participate in the Mafia Championships on Mafia Universe! Here is the invitation document. Like last year, anyone who might want to be our representative should sign up for this "game" and then we can add a poll to the thread to select the actual...
  11. Butterfree

    Forum Mafia Championship

    Hello, TCoD mafia players! I recently received a message with an invitation to the "Mafia Championship", a kind of forum mafia tournament pitting representatives of different forum communities against each other in several rounds, with voting on the best players. The full invitation document...
  12. Butterfree

    Gen 7 sprites now working with sprite BBCode

    Hello, everyone! I'm inexcusably late with this, I know, but you should now be able to use the forum's sprite BBCodes for Gen 7 Pokémon. First, you can use 'sm' as the sprite set to get the sprite from the 'unified' sprite set I created for the Favorite Pokémon Picker, with 128x128 sprites for...
  13. Butterfree

    Tapatalk mobile integration

    A couple of days ago I installed Tapatalk on the forums, which means if you like to browse on a mobile device and find the forum layout makes it inconvenient, you can install the Tapatalk app for your device and it will give you a native interface for all regular forum functions. Obviously this...
  14. Butterfree

    E-mail actually working

    I have finally, finally managed to simultaneously remember and have time to look into the issue of why the forum had stopped sending e-mails (for things like password resets), and I think I fixed it. Go test it out.
  15. Butterfree

    Proper database-based read thread markings back

    I was encouraged to try turning this setting back on and seeing if there is an intolerable amount of 500 errors. Let me know if it's too horrendous.
  16. Butterfree

    The State of the Forums

    As you will probably have noticed, the forum server is awful, and you'll probably agree with me in being fed up with it. Most recently, the forums seem to have been showing a server busy message for several days straight (if accessed from the right IP - the "Temporarily Unavailable" message you...
  17. Butterfree

    Some Optimization, Also Reputation

    Since people have been complaining about the server busy message a lot recently, I went and changed a resource-intensive setting I'd missed before. Now forums are not automatically marked as read when you've read every thread in the forum until you've actually viewed the forum's thread listings...
  18. Butterfree

    Infractions Visible

    Members can now see a little red or yellow card in the bottom-right corner of any post that has been infracted or warned. This is to make it more open and transparent when people get infracted, so that members can see what kind of behaviour is unacceptable even when mods haven't publicly replied...
  19. Butterfree


    In a moment I'm going to try turning off the plugin system altogether and seeing if that does anything for the server busy errors. I've tried disabling one plugin at a time before, but this seems like a simple way to see once and for all if we can fix this without moving servers. So the mafia...
  20. Butterfree

    New Rules

    The forum rules have been revamped. They're now differently organized and prioritized, but there are also some real content changes to better reflect current forum policies, so I hope everyone will take the time to at least look through them to familiarize themselves with what has changed. In...