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  1. Mew Mew Princess~


    Name: Kimaku Age: 17 Gender: Female Organization: Black Hearts Personality: PO Appearance: Only no bat wings~ History (optional): She doesn't remeber who her family was and where and when she came to be. She's pretty much a dark girl looking for answers. Weapon(s): Black Heart Arrow: An arrow...
  2. Mew Mew Princess~

    Epicfail Pokemon Drawings

    Can you try a Glaceon with a fish in it's mouth, and small, sharp fangs shown biting it? It can be sitting,and you can color it if ya want to. (If you call that epicfail, you obviously haven't seen mine. Trust me, you'd be better off blind than see mine~:blank:)
  3. Mew Mew Princess~

    Sparky the Pikachu?

    Yep...Plenty, to be exact. But now, their names have been changed, but 1 is still Sparky.
  4. Mew Mew Princess~

    Open Ultimate Trainer Takes Over!

    (I've been inactive on this...Why, oh why?! Oh, and everyone who made another charecter or signed up is accepted~) The girls walked to a class they simply call "Battle Class", because everyone, well, pretty much battles. Kioko heard the teacher call out for battles where you had to pair up with...
  5. Mew Mew Princess~

    Open Ultimate Trainer Takes Over!

    It's a go home at night, school, because I wouldn't survive in a boarding school. Trust me. Anyways, sorry as heck! I was so gonna start yesterday, I swear, but I got busy, so... Now that all that's over, let's start!!!! ~ Kioko whisked down the sidewalk on her skateboard, Lekio on her bike...
  6. Mew Mew Princess~

    Open Ultimate Trainer Takes Over!

    We'll need at least 2 servants before we start~ If we don't get any, we'll just start Monday after I come from school, probably, which is about 4:00, but I'll probably be on around5:00.
  7. Mew Mew Princess~

    Open Ultimate Trainer Takes Over!

    All accepted! Yes, Mewtwo, you can edit a trainer for Mysti! Oh, and you must stay in school for at least 2 days before you venture off~ Now for Liza~ Name: Liza Denson Age: 25 (Young master and queen, huh?) Gender: Female Apperance: , but don't let her apperance fool ya! Occupation...
  8. Mew Mew Princess~

    Open Ultimate Trainer Takes Over!

    The Pokemon Master...The Top Trainer...The Ultimate Ruler?! The Pokemon Master has taken over the entire world of Pokemon by defeating the orginal king in battle, or so everyone thinks. It's actually unknown how, and everyone makes this assumption since she was the Pokemon Master, after all...
  9. Mew Mew Princess~

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Oddity

    Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Oddity (Sprite Comic) "Do these guys come with the treasure?" "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS SANTA CLAUS!" Hilarious! I love them from beginning to end, and I also love comedy in Pokemon form, so in turn, I love this comic!
  10. Mew Mew Princess~

    If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be?

    A Poochyena, probably. I could bite someone's leg off with my fangs if I wanted and would still be cute as heck~
  11. Mew Mew Princess~

    Rate the Username Above

    10/10- Different, and I like it. The princess makes it a 10 out of 10!
  12. Mew Mew Princess~

    Bow Down Before Your Princess! (Not really)

    Thank you all! I shall enjoy my stay~
  13. Mew Mew Princess~

    Funny avatar~

    Funny avatar~
  14. Mew Mew Princess~

    Caption the Screenshot!

    Someone threw me into the camera, and now I'M SMOKIN' MAD!! Smokin' mad, I tell ya!!! I'm so mad, these burn marks on my face come from my ANGER!!! (The burn marks are the black things, or that's what I'm pretending.)
  15. Mew Mew Princess~

    [OPEN] Legends of Nisdharil OOC

    Re: [OPEN] Nisdharil OOC Username: Mew Mew Princess~ Charecter Name: Krystal Race: Pixie Age: 20 Apperance: Black hair in a long braid, blue eyes, wings that look like light blue clouds sorta, a white dress to her knees, and flat blue shoes. Personality: She's easily disturbed by people (or...
  16. Mew Mew Princess~

    Closed Magical Fighter Pokesquadron

    Name: Sam (Samantha) Age: 14 Apperance: - Her hair is usually pulled into 2 ponytails in the back, a jean skirt, blue shoes, and a dark blue sleeveless turtleneck-like shirt. She also has watch she hardly takes off. ((The one thing she does have that's not in the picture is a cresent moon...
  17. Mew Mew Princess~

    Bow Down Before Your Princess! (Not really)

    Thanks, Seri! And I also like Sailor Moon (And my favorite charecter is Makoto/Lita), Sonic X (A girl can't watch a hedgehog move at the speed of sound at times? Fav charecter- Tails), and lookin' for more~
  18. Mew Mew Princess~

    Bow Down Before Your Princess! (Not really)

    Hi! Mew Mew Princess here, and I'm glad to be here! Just to say- I love RPG's, so i'll probably make one early on. Very early on. And I also like Pokemon as well as Mew mew Power/Tokyo Mew Mew. My favorite Pokemon is probably Poochyena/Mightyena~ 9(Yeah, I read up on this sprite stuff!) So, laters!