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  1. Cynder

    Fallen London

    Does anyone else on here play Fallen London? My profile
  2. Cynder

    I guess I'll put this here?

    So Pokemon Tabletop United is a thing that exists, and I was wondering if there was any interest among the people here if I were to run a play-by-post (on the telegram probably)?
  3. Cynder

    What makes you role-play / What do you look for in a role-play?

    Why do you join an RP? Is it for the social interactions with other people, or is it for the ability to be someone or something else? Are you looking for a story that is suitably deep, or perhaps it's for the feeling of success when you overcome an obstacle. I enjoy wandering the world that the...
  4. Cynder

    Closed Shadows

    A voice from the darkness calls: Heed the shadows on the walls. The small Village of Chicole is now packed with refugees fleeing the crisis. A breeder from further south, and a young man from further north chafe against the totalitarian rule of "Relief Forces" from far northern Hoenn. The...
  5. Cynder

    (Sign-ups) Shadows

    Shadows The World has a shadow. The Ancients knew this, and they told us. We ignored them, the stories, myths, passed down for generations in untouched parts of the world; the inscriptions on the ancient temples, newly discovered again; in our very dreams, those of darkness and fear, nightmares...
  6. Cynder


    Hello, I am new here. I was interested in the ASB, so I decided to sign up. I am also terrible at introductions, I hope you don't mind. :dead: