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  1. JHG

    Name something pretty :3

    Wildlife preserves
  2. JHG

    Rate the song above you

  3. JHG

    Let's say nice things about gen 4

    My favorite generation is the fourth.
  4. JHG

    Stage Pokemon Battles in this thread!

    A Sylveon and Hydreigon stare down each other. Before the Sylveon can react, the Hydreigon bull rushes forward and sinks her teeth into his side. The Crunch may not be so effective but it still hurt. The Sylveon unleashed a Moonblast and it connects! Lucky for the Hydreigon, her superior...
  5. JHG

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl

    Depends on the version exclusives.
  6. JHG

    Pokemon-ify a thing

    Champion of the Rings
  7. JHG

    Name something pretty :3

  8. JHG

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Vulpix! I would so hug that cute fire fox!
  9. JHG

    Rate the song above you

    Epic! Although, I never saw the stage version. 9/10
  10. JHG

    Omg, did you like see the Kardashians last night?

    I could never watch reality TV if you put a bayonet to my head.
  11. JHG

    Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli

    Studio Ghibli rules forever!
  12. JHG

    Hardest Gym Leaders?

    Kanto: Sabrina(or maybe Misty or Koga.) Johto: Whitney for sure. Faulkner if you started with Chikorita. Hoenn: Norman or Winona. Sinnoh: Fantina. Unova: Elesa. Kalos: Grant maybe? Alola(treat Kahunas like they're Gym Leaders): Nanu. Galar: Raihan or Opal if you're bad at trivia games.
  13. JHG

    Pokémon Multiverse Theory

    We have a multiverse but who's the Pokémon Anti-Monitor?
  14. JHG

    Since you aren't a couple with Korrina, does this mean I would've been free to date her if I...

    Since you aren't a couple with Korrina, does this mean I would've been free to date her if I wasn't with Elesa?
  15. JHG

    Back again!

    Glad to meet you here as well Jirachu! 😘
  16. JHG

    I finished the Favorite Picker.

    Man, that is some commitment! I guess Calyrex will be average to you...
  17. JHG

    JHG here.

    Seems to be a big place! I could get used to this.