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  1. Greninlucarizardlup


  2. Greninlucarizardlup

    What are you favorite unappreciated Pokémon?

    Staraptor. A great choice of Pokémon in D/P.
  3. Greninlucarizardlup

    What are you watching?

    Pokémon Advanced.
  4. Greninlucarizardlup

    Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary!
  5. Greninlucarizardlup

    Greninlucarizardlup's Place

    I've now added a third personality quiz to my website.
  6. Greninlucarizardlup

    *Hugs back*

    *Hugs back*
  7. Greninlucarizardlup

    Faux leather jackets <3

    And now you own two of them.
  8. Greninlucarizardlup

    Pokemon: Jirachi Wishmaker!

    I haven't seen this movie before. I need to check it out sometime when they add it to Pokemon TV.
  9. Greninlucarizardlup

    Ash's new pokemon....is......

    What a cool Pokemon he has on his latest team. I can't wait to see how it turns out towards the end of the series.
  10. Greninlucarizardlup

    Best Match for Satoshi/Ash

    I think Dawn/Pearlshipping. She seemed to work super well as a team with Ash. And the two of them seemed to bond so well over the D/P series.
  11. Greninlucarizardlup

    The Alola League

    Ash winning the league was so epic. Seeing him finally win the league was such a great moment that made me happy to watch.
  12. Greninlucarizardlup

    Back again!

    Welcome back to TCoD Forums! :D
  13. Greninlucarizardlup

    Name things you can do in video games!

    Sell items in Animal Crossing.
  14. Greninlucarizardlup

    Greninlucarizardlup's Place

    Thanks so much! :D A new quiz is soon to come to the site.
  15. Greninlucarizardlup

    What are you watching?

    Aggretsuko. My girlfriend introduced me to this show on Netflix.
  16. Greninlucarizardlup

    Favorite app?

    Discord. I love using it to talk to my friends and girlfriend.
  17. Greninlucarizardlup

    Happy belated birthday!

    Happy belated birthday!
  18. Greninlucarizardlup

    Happy belated birthday!

    Happy belated birthday!
  19. Greninlucarizardlup