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  1. Keltena

    Help me with my Health project?

    I'm doing a survey as part of my final project for Health class. It's pretty short -- it shouldn't take more than about ten minutes to fill out -- and completely anonymous, and it's on a topic I think is very important. If you have a moment to fill it out, it would help me a lot! It's here on...
  2. Keltena

    Looking for music recommendations

    Because I always want to know more music, and because lately I've felt like my collection is getting too same-y, I'm looking for recommendations of music I don't know, including music outside what I usually like. These are some of the kinds of music I'm looking for, including any examples of...
  3. Keltena

    Requests Open Icons, Avatars, and (Possibly) More!

    Icons, Avatars, and (Possibly) More! by Salamander I've recently taken to making avatars and icons in Photoshop, and... how to put this? I am addicted. When I am not working on icons or something equally engaging I am bored, and a bored Salamander is not a good Salamander to have around. That...
  4. Keltena

    Wanted: cliche pop songs

    Popular artist? Obscure artist? Doesn't matter. What I'm looking for are some completely cliche, preferably poppy songs to use for videos. Sappy romance cliche? Breakup? None of the above? I just want ideas, and I'm sure most people have some off the top of their heads. Thanks in advance~
  5. Keltena

    Heartwarming songs

    What the title says - we've discussed heartbreaking, happy, and comforting songs. Which songs give you that warm fuzzy feeling or just make you go awwwwww~? Which ones strike a chord in you that makes you almost want to tear up, but in a good way? For me, first place is "You Ruined Everything"...
  6. Keltena

    Lloyd Irving: Ace Attorney (an interactive fiction crossover)

    Lloyd Irving: Ace Attorney is an interactive fiction game that crosses over the characters and some plot elements of Tales of Symphonia with the plot of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Currently, the game and details of the cases are in progress, but the plot is all but complete and the characters...
  7. Keltena

    One-Shot Disillusioned (Disgaea)

    Because I adore the relationship between Flonne and Lamington, and I haven't gotten the good ending yet. * * * You always said it was good to think about things. Well, I've been thinking. Mid-Boss told us everything, you know... At least, that's what Etna says. I wasn't there, but she...
  8. Keltena

    Yet another recommendation thread

    Yep, I'm also looking for some new music to force on my friends listen to, so since people here seem to have some pretty cool musical taste, I thought I'd make one of these threads. Let's see... what do I like? A few different things. I like singer-songwriters like Vienna Teng, Corrinne May...
  9. Keltena

    One-Shot Healing (Tales of Symphonia)

    A little Zelos/Lloyd friendship thingy I wrote recently. Not my greatest, but I still rather like how it came out. --- “I'm still mad at you, you know,” Lloyd grumbled, sighing silently as Zelos's hand traced his cheek, the shallow cut healing under its touch. “Yeah, yeah, all right...
  10. Keltena

    In Progress Taking Sides (Exit Fate)

    I have realized that there is no fanart or fanfiction for either of SCF's games, so it has become my quest to change this. In addition, I'm absolutely in love with the story, characters, and pairings of Exit Fate. So, I present an attempt at a fanfic with *drumroll* an actual plot! I'm hoping...
  11. Keltena

    'Shipping Fan Club~

    All right, 'fess up. Who here is a (possibly slightly insane) 'shipper? I know some of you are. If so, this is the place for you! You can talk about who you pair up platonically or romantically from anything, or discuss your 'shipping pet peeves with others. Straight or gay, friendships, three-...
  12. Keltena

    Completed Counting Reasons (Tales of Symphonia)

    I felt like doing one of those LiveJournal theme sets, so I picked out the 11_reasons community and wrote some Lloyd/Zelos drabbles. I'm not sure whether or not I like how they came out, so feedback'd be appreciated~ :3 Determination (the first reason) theme – arms/hands/fingers If there's one...
  13. Keltena

    I can't believe I did that...

    Last night, for the first time ever, I got up in front of a crowd and played the guitar and sang. I... still can't believe I actually sang in front of people. I can't believe I didn't make any big mistakes on the guitar parts. I can't believe I didn't completely freak out. So yeah, just quite...
  14. Keltena

    One-Shot The Ultimate Question (TWEWY)

    oh god, I can't believe I actually wrote this. Just kill me now. Um. Anyway. Extremely short, extremely cracky, rather slashy story below. Enjoy? o.o --- "Hey. Minamimoto. Got a second?" The math-obsessed Reaper looked up from the equations he was doing and his forgotten ramen to see, of all...
  15. Keltena

    One-Shot Like a Bolt From the Blue (TWEWY)

    Uh... so, there's a story behind this. See, I was telling my brother about TWEWY, and I mentioned the Reaper Review, and he immediately thought it was a game show. Well, obviously, this had to be done, so I went ahead and did it. I'm not sure I succeeded very well at being funny, but oh well. I...
  16. Keltena

    Salamander's music videos

    I didn't want to spam this forum by making separate threads, so I'm making one thread for all my videos. The videos are listed in chronological order, so the first few, particularly the AMVs, are likely to be less than ideal quality. Current videos in progress: Tales of the Abyss | "Enough to...
  17. Keltena

    Windows Movie Maker problem

    I'm having an issue with Windows Movie Maker. Basically, whenever I try to import .avi files, it starts to import them and then freezes. Are .avi files just too big to work at all? (It says they should work.) Or is there something else going on?
  18. Keltena

    It's finished!

    My first music video is f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d! I started and ended today, which really surprised me, but whatever. It's not exactly great, considering it was just a test of how to use the program, but I'm proud of it~ <3 I'm also rather surprised to see that, contrary to what people say, I do not now...
  19. Keltena

    Afterlife: a tribute to Warriors

    In the sky up above Up in StarClan, we say Live the ones we have loved Who have now passed away I've been writing this poem series for about a year now, mainly to challenge myself with sticking to a strict rhythm, length, and rhyming scheme. There are six at the moment, each dedicated to a...
  20. Keltena

    Interactive Fiction

    If you're not familiar with the concept of interactive fiction, a.k.a. text adventures, this Wikipedia article explains what it is. Basically: an old form of computer game, where instead of having graphics you are given a description of where you are and do things by typing commands into a...