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  1. Ys_

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    Yeah, this is still pretty accurate but I finally chose a label. I'm a gender-neutral female and I prefer not to be labeled as woman, girl, or lady. If necessary, I prefer just 'person'. Hope you lovely people are doing great!
  2. Ys_

    2021 Mafia Championship

    Ohh. These games are intense! Good luck to anyone who wants to join! :)
  3. Ys_

    Pokemon: Master Champion (log)

    Yeah, I heard about that. My best wishes! Yeah, makes sense, better not to strain yourself and focus on the present task. Sorry to hear you lost your job but glad you found a new one!
  4. Ys_

    knives alley hydra mafia

    Good game! This one was interesting.
  5. Ys_

    Pokemon: Master Champion (log)

    That sounds great! Really interesting and complete. Habitats and catch mechanics are not something I really think about so it's awesome to see your dedication!
  6. Ys_

    Pokemon: Master Champion (log)

    That's really neat! I like the uniqueness of the classes :) and your take on humans being like Pokémon.
  7. Ys_

    Pokemon: Master Champion (log)

    That sounds really creative! So would the different classes affect the playability?
  8. Ys_

    Favorite adjective/adjectives you like to be called?

    Kind smart sexy cute 😎
  9. Ys_

    Happy Birthday ^^ 🎂

    Happy Birthday ^^ 🎂
  10. Ys_


  11. Ys_

    Bringing back the forum - the good, the bad, the ugly

    SO true lol. Forums are time capsules until the founder decides to sell the forum for whatever reason and they can indeed be toxic at times. But either way, I do prefer forums to the other forms of social media. Like Reddit isn't organized at all and I definitely dislike the downvote system...
  12. Ys_

    Saw the hydra event on MU and saw some of you joined. Good luck!

    Saw the hydra event on MU and saw some of you joined. Good luck!
  13. Ys_

    The Vortex (sign-ups and ooc thread)

    To be completely honest I don't have anything planned out beyond 'some technology causing these warps and transporting people from different worlds into this one' lol. That's why I said it was really mostly a sandbox. But depending on what you guys prefer I can take more control. I won't force...
  14. Ys_

    What is your favourite base stage water starter?

    Totodile! Squirtle is a close second. They both have nice designs imo and Ash's Totidile is funny
  15. Ys_

    The Vortex (sign-ups and ooc thread)

    Nice! Maybe he knows something ;) BTW to answer your question, hmm. Maybe yeah, the same place or somewhere similar. Anyway, I'll edit my first post to explain more of what's happening in this new world. Oki, it's done. Dundundun... E: OK I was thinking this could work somewhat like DnD, I...
  16. Ys_

    The Vortex (sign-ups and ooc thread)

    So, to flesh things out a bit more. There's a mysterious force that's twisting the bounds of reality, warping space and time in more than one universe/world, but presumably only certain people realize what's happening. Your character is one of those people. The force creates a sort of wormhole...
  17. Ys_

    The Vortex [Main thread]

    The world crumbled around Jayde Valentina and the only thing she could do was let herself fall into the abyss. The meadow she'd been walking across on her way home from HQ had been swallowed by that.. upside down tornado? Ground typhoon? It was scary, but she remembered the last words her leader...
  18. Ys_

    The Vortex (sign-ups and ooc thread)

    Whoops, sorry, had to do other things and this rp slipped from my mind. I do have one requirement, sorry for not being clear. I'd much rather you use your own creation, even if it's from a universe that already exists, or an alternate version of it. It can also be an alternate version of a...
  19. Ys_


    Hi Rainfall! Neat name. How did you choose it? Welcome to the forums! They are indeed a wholesome space and community, at least in my humble opinion 😄 so hope you enjoy it here
  20. Ys_

    The Vortex (sign-ups and ooc thread)

    All right, I finished my form. It's in my first post. I'll post the ic thread later today or tomorrow and we'll start :)