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    2012 Halloween Costumes??

    What are you wearing/dressed as this year? :D Submit photos if you can!
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    Johto Mew Mew Power: Chimera Rising

    JMMP OC Sign-Ups Co-modded by Greaser Lala + Dark Aura Start playing HERE Learn how to battle HERE The cyniclons are steadily wiping out the Pokemon in their pursuit of advanced technologies to capture Ho-oh and claim regions of Earth as home for their alien population. Ho-oh was eager to...
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    Kai vs. Zephyrous Castform

    Okay, for the misfires we'll say there is a 10% chance that it'll happen once a round each action having a 33% chance of it being when the misfire takes place. A bullet to a Pokemon could be...3% typeless damage. Problems....I guess problems would involve attacks damaging the terrain This'll be...
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    Flora and Ashes vs. Full Metal Cookies vs. Involuntary Twitch

    Flora and Ashes Hibana|Pachirisu|Male Pick up Umi|Lapras|Female Water Absorb Sabure|Sandshrew|Female Sand Veil Full Metal Cookies Roger|Enculli|Male Mold Breaker Doomsday|Bidoof|Female Simple Jinkosen|Piplup|Male Torrent Jin|Bronzong|X Heatproof Ganemede|Feebas|Male Swift Swim...
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    RandomTyphoon vs. Blaziking 175

    RandomTyphoon Blaziking 175 "To make mesa happy, follow the directions!" Step 1-> Blaziking 175 selects Pokemon Step 2-> RandomTyphoon selects Pokemon and attacks Step 3-> Blaziking 175 attacks next Step 4->Patiently wait for me to reff REMINDER! Please make your movesets as eligible as...
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    EeveeSkitty vs. mumei_tensai

    EeveeSkitty's Party Luke eevee [M] [Run Away] Exp: 0 Cathy skitty [F] [Cute Charm] Exp: 0 mumei_tensai's Party Charmander Ability: Blaze Experience: -none yet- Riolu Ability: Steadfast Experience: -none yet- Shinx Ability: Intimidate Experience: -none yet- "To make mesa happy, follow the...
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    The KQ Has Returned!

    Hello everybody. I missed you all. I'm so happy my fathers a cable guy or else this might've taken longer, T_T Well the RPG's I own will be updated and I look forward to continuing. Gosh I got a lot of messages. X) I feel loved. Thanks everyone. Lotsa Love! 83
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    What's your favorite Water Starter?

    Simply who and why. ^^ -Totodile the one ash had was adorable and i like his face
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    What's your favorite Grass Starter?

    Simply post who and why.^^ -Treecko he's my fav. color (but aren't they all? ^^;) i like lizards and sceptiles tail is wicked awesome! 8)
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    What's your favorite Fire Starter?

    Simply post who and why. ^^ -Charmander b/c he's adorable, his evolutions all rock, and in the end he gets wings. *Eh-sorry to those who had already posted, when I was editing to make my sig. invisible I erased it. T_T*
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    Hi everyone. Back to posting. ^^ I wonder what I should do about my RPG... Well for now I'll worry about other things but Hi again! 8)