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  1. kyeugh

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    Gorm snorts in triumph. "Job well done, everyone. I appreciated your support."
  2. kyeugh

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    Gorm skitters down the ladder completely vertically, running perpendicular to the ground like a creepy bastard as he leaves a polka-dot tread of singe marks on the wood behind him. He transitions onto the stone floor, pleasantly cool to the touch, and reads the room. Xatu here, bewear there...
  3. kyeugh

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    Gorm the sizzlipede skitters into the reception hall, all ten of his little feet tap-tap-tapping on the smooth tile as he snakes his way toward the pair of meowstic. Once he's come suitably close to them, he rears up and flashes a winning smile from behind his gently flickering mustache. "Good...