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  1. Monoking

    Twine Users Club!

    Here is a thing! Twine, in case you're unfamiliar, is a coding language that's super easy to begin in and fun to use. I just recently finished part one of my Big Game and I would love talking to others about Twine? Suggesting fun games, etc?? Official site: https://twinery.org Some misc...
  2. Monoking

    Hello. Again.

    Well, this is something I'd never really thought I'd do. In 2012, I used this forum every day, but to put it simply, I wasn't in a healthy environment and it was all I had to cope. My loneliness made me hurt people and I don't want to talk about it. I'd like to have a fresh start. My name is...
  3. Monoking

    The New Daily Pokemon Disscussion

    I remade it. Like a bawss. Seems we got to 100000000. Or something. But anyway... Welcome to the Daily Piokemon Discussion, where once a day, we shall discuss a certain Pokemon. Discussions can range from general design to movesets to stats to, well, I am sure you get it. So, let's begin shall...
  4. Monoking

    The best Jokje Ear!

    HaHa! Isn't life funny?! It's just like a joke, in the way you can end it whenever you like! HaHa! My life' s sp funny so funnuy ha This will be hilaiour s HaHahahagahaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha!!!!!! They have no colors! My life will end! Haaa...
  5. Monoking

    Yo! Spunky the Raichu and friends return! (DBZ Club 2)

    Okay, since the old club died... Fwee. Disscuss all Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai whatevers here. Some topics to start us off: Best Villain and why The fact that none of the movies (except maybe, Cooler's Revenge) fit into the plot Why GT was cancelled
  6. Monoking

    The quoting game

    How this works is, you can have a conversation and/or say funny stuff on here, but whatever you say must start with a quote of what the other person said. And here's the really fun part. I don't know if you've noticed this, but before you post, you can change the quote and make it look like...