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  1. Dark Tyranitar

    If you had proof of God would you show the world?

    Basically what the title says; an alternate view to the "If you had proof of no god..." thread.
  2. Dark Tyranitar

    What will the future be like?

    This is pretty self-explanatory. Just post your ideas, hopes, and wild thoughts about the future here. I think that eventually, lightning will be one of our main sources of energy. It would be interesting if some sort of teleportation was created, such as being able to access actual places and...
  3. Dark Tyranitar

    Evil Sprite Contest

    As you guys should know, my specialty is making evil sprites. *points to avatar and signature* However, I now want to see what others can do with them. So, for this contest, you are simply making an evil sprite. If you would like, I can give you a tutorial, and you can use the palette from one...
  4. Dark Tyranitar

    Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox is coming out!

    Yes! Tomorrow the next Artemis Fowl book comes out in America!
  5. Dark Tyranitar

    Open An Influx of Evil

    An Influx of Evil ----------------- Times have changed in the Pokémon world. Humans have disappeared, and in the years since, strange diseases have begun morphing Pokémon, changing their personalities and appearances, though not decreasing their mental faculties. The diseased Pokémon have begun...
  6. Dark Tyranitar

    The 750+ Posts Club

    Basically, this is the club for the absolute TCoD fanatics who have over 750 posts. As TCoD starts to re-exist longer, the requirements will go up. In other words, a chat room for the insane among us. :evil:
  7. Dark Tyranitar

    Possible idea for sorting users

    Would it work to make something that allowed you to sort users by things like post count, posts per day, etc. I'm constantly wondering how many people besides Zim Del Invasor are ahead of me in post count. If it would be possible, that would be great.
  8. Dark Tyranitar

    Secret Base Help

    I've just started playing Pokémon Sapphire (translation: played 20 hours in one week) and I'm trying to figure out the basics of Generation 3 still. With the Secret Bases, I find an excellent one, but it has a huge hole gaping in the middle of it that blocks the greater part of it off. Is there...
  9. Dark Tyranitar

    Which non-promotion legendaries are easiest/hardest to catch?

    I think that Kyogre is the easiest, mainly because I managed to catch it the first time I met it, without having to start from the last save over...and over...and over. If I had Ruby instead of Sapphire, I'd probably say Groudon. For hardest, I'd have to say either Raikou or Entei. They still...
  10. Dark Tyranitar

    I have WAY too much time on my hands.

    Click here to see why. Does anybody else have proof of their insanity?
  11. Dark Tyranitar

    Why are Wynaut and Wobbuffet classified as über?

    Why are Wynaut and Wobbuffet classified as über? http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_tiers Yeah...I just don't see why they're so great. Could somebody please clear this up for me?
  12. Dark Tyranitar

    Most powerful Generation I Pokémon (plural)

    Most powerful Generation I Pokémon (plural) So what do you guys think some of the most powerful Generation I Pokémon are? I'd say Mew, Dragonite, and of course Mewtwo.
  13. Dark Tyranitar

    Dark Tyranitar's Evil Sprite Palace

    I'm re-opening my sprite shop/display case. I do splices mainly (I will try to do whatever is requested, but for best results, ask for a splice of two), and I also do recolors and re-types. NOTE: Although it has not been mentioned here yet, I am also willing to do evilifications of Pokémon...
  14. Dark Tyranitar

    Yes, I'm finally back from vacation, and ready to get started on the site again.

    Hello, everybody. Yes, I finally got a chance to re-create my account after being on vacation all of last week. There is one bright side to the crash, though. I'll get Castform's welcome song again! :grin: Be prepared for a flurry of activity, everybody.