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  1. Tailsy

    TMI Time: Virginity

    Hello! I'd like to talk to you about your sex life. Virginity is a complex concept, but generally the rule of thumb is 'if you no longer feel or identify as a virgin, then you are not one'. Scarleteen has a great FAQ on the subject if you require further clarification or have any queries. Feel...
  2. Tailsy


    Today, I learned that impersonating your fellow moderator and brofriend for life does not always lead to the hilarious antics you think it will. Sometimes, the joke will just run for so long that it loses its charm and - gasp! neigh! say it isn't so! -become merely ordinary! Perhaps even unfunny...
  3. Tailsy

    I've been so happy recently. <3

    Let's face it, I think my life is pretty great right now. I got straight merits in all of my modules at uni last semester, and I'm making good headway on the texts I need to have read for next semester; I really like the job I have right now and I love the people I work with, and I think I'll...
  4. Tailsy

    Outdated Social Media Mafia [NIGHT 1]

    tl;dr you're all loser nerds who like riddles. Also deaths. Let's go! link to original thread for convenience. Quick rules set-up: - The Gamemaster? bluh bluh prissy bitch. If you decide not to participate in the game in any way for two phases you will be modkilled automatically. Sending me a...
  5. Tailsy

    Outdated Social Media Mafia

    You wake up, and realise that people keep dying all of a sudden. Dying all over the place, leaving little messages like some shit off Criminal Minds or whatever. (You don't know; you don't watch TV.) But you don't give a shit. You're famous on MySpace. You get all the bitches - all of them...
  6. Tailsy

    Derisory Obsessions

    derison: the use of ridicule or scorn to show contempt derisory: worthy of derision; especially: laughably small I'm trying to find unusual words so I can work them into my vocabulary. You should try it sometime. It's recently become one of my pointless and banal obsessions. Much like these...
  7. Tailsy


    SO HERE IS MY BIRTHDAY THREAD- oh wait I'm not surskitailsy, I'm Tailskitty! Well. That does me out of an extra birthday. Man, that sucks ass. I'm going to have to go and sigh dramatically until someone gives me presents. Oh well. Happy birthday waifu 8D You can now actually say that you're...
  8. Tailsy

    Cruel Mode Mafia [INDEPENDENT WIN]

    Hello! Welcome to Cruel Mode Mafia! Quick rundown: (the original signup thread is located here) - If you are inactive (ie. you don't submit a night action, and/or do not post in the day discussion) for two phases in a row, you will be automatically shot by the Gamemaster. This will be...
  9. Tailsy

    Cruel Mode Mafia [EXPERIMENTAL]

    Hello, and welcome to Cruel Mode Mafia. I'll be your host for this game. I'm super cute, right? (Yes, I'm still GMing Brotastic Mafia, don't worry. It is however awfully slow.) Due to watching several games slow down like a mofo because of inactivity, I'm going to have a go at an alternate...
  10. Tailsy

    Fictional Occupations

    I entirely blame Dannichu and her post here. Assuming you were in any fictional world of your choosing, what occupation would you like to have? I'd say Pokémon Co-ordinator but that's somewhat boring considering I'm on a Pokémon forum... Oh! A Dragonrider from the Dragonriders of Pern...
  11. Tailsy


    Hi there! I'm Tailsy. You might know me from such Mafia games as TVTropes Mafia and... #mafia. Yup. This is my first game where I'm the Gamemaster, so hopefully this will go well! ♥ - Standard rules - No themed roles - Secret roles - A couple of uncommon roles All the roles have been...
  12. Tailsy


    UH OKAY FORUM ANYWAY Hi there! I'm Tailsy. You might know me from such Mafia games as TVTropes Mafia and... #mafia. Yup. This is my first game where I'm the Gamemaster, so hopefully this will go well! ♥ - Standard rules - No themed roles - Secret roles - A couple of uncommon roles HOPEFULLY...
  13. Tailsy

    Hogwarts Houses

    SO WHAT KINDA POKÉ- oh uh I mean What house do you think you'd be sorted into in the Harry Potter 'verse, assuming you were magical and not the dumb Muggle you are? Look! There's a shiny poll to determine your decision! AND YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE otherwise you'll never know where to sleep, will...
  14. Tailsy

    Which boards do you have hidden?

    I thought this would be an interesting question. :o As you guys know, you can set some of the boards to 'hidden' if you wish (and of course Serious Business is auto-hidden for three months if you rack up 30 infraction points). You can do this here, if you don't know how to. So, let us regard...
  15. Tailsy


    I TIDIED MY BOOK CUPBOARD THE OTHER DAY AND IT WAS GREAT (yes i have a whole cupboard for books. ... i have more than these pictures lead you to believe. they're mostly under my bed.) I never tidy ANYTHING so this is a wonderful achievement. Here are some pictures to demonstrate. before...
  16. Tailsy

    Entertainment Preferences

    Ugh, what a rubbish title. Unfortunately I can't brain today, so you're stuck with it. :( So I was arguing with my boyfriend about how everything he watches sucks (because it's true. If I didn't recommend it to him, it's probably shit), and then I was all 'HEY I SHOULD ASK MY FORUM BROS WHAT...
  17. Tailsy

    Your Favourite/Least Favourite Generation, Pokemon-wise?

    Yes. This question is based purely on the Pokémon introduced in each generation. Not the region, storyline (or lack of one), or anything else! Pour moi? Let's consider my favourites from each generation first: Kanto: Flareon, Sandslash, Raichu, Ninetales, Fearow Johto: Furret, Jumpluff...
  18. Tailsy

    Valentine's Day 2010

    I figured that people's relationship status might have changed since last year (hi! :D), so I made a new thread. <3 What're your plans for Valentine's Day? ... You know, obviously. I mean what else would I ask - HOW MANY VIRGIN'S HEARTS ARE YOU PLANNING TO HARVEST THIS YEAR but I mean the...
  19. Tailsy

    Your Personal Notepad

    What does it have written in it? :o Mine just says 'OH MY GOD A SPACESHIP!!!' but I don't ever think of anything to put in there, so... I'm kinda boring, I guess! TELL ME I AM NOSYMOD
  20. Tailsy

    Deluxe Pokémon Emporium

    Deluxe Pokémon Emporium It seems like you've been walking through this stupid Veilstone mall forever. Endless weaves and lengths of utterly pointless clicky-heel flooring are making you kind of sick of your own vague reflection. Well, you'd probably be more tired of the shops – but you stopped...