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    Kingdom Hearts

    Did you know Marluxia was originally meant to be a girl? I was mad when I heard that. It would've been awesome having the two main villians in CoM be female. I loved KHI, but I haven't really liked KHII as much. The Disney worlds in that game were almost like lip service, absolutely nothing to...
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    WALL-E: The Best Disney & Pixar yet?

    I love it! I would probably put it at around number 3 on my Pixar favorites, right behind Ratatouille and Monsters, Inc. I hear Disney/Pixar is actually pushing for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. The only animated film to be nominated in that category is Beauty and the Beast...
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    Kung Fu Panda

    I saw it. It might be one of Dreamworks' best computer-animated films. :) But one thing confuses me about the casting.