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  1. IndigoEmmy

    Does anyone have a Diancie?

    If anyone has a Diancie in pokemon X/Y/OR/AS/S/M/US/UM/HOME i can trade you a keldeo :D (I can also give you information on how to get Victini, Meloetta, Darkrai, Genesect and other mythicals without technically hacking but i'd do that for free anyway!)
  2. IndigoEmmy

    Snom Mafia

    In the lovely town of Chichester lives a smol group of snoms that live under a bridge. (It's a big bridge) There were about 13 snoms, but one day, a conspiracy arose that there are ZORUA impersonating some of the snoms! Why do they want to impersonate the snoms? Who knows. The conspiracy...
  3. IndigoEmmy

    Chanseys for Everyone!

    Hello friends. To celebrate the release of the pokémon DLC i'll be trading chanseys (for anything you want to trade me) on June 18th to June 21st. Just put your trainer name in this thread or PM me and make sure to PM me the trade code you wish to use. :D enjoy the chanseys. I have hundreds.
  4. IndigoEmmy

    What word did you teach your chatot?

    Remember Chatot? So do I. But what word did you teach your Chatot? Was it a swear word? Did you scream into the mic? You tell me
  5. IndigoEmmy

    A little idea i had.

    Think of this like a pitch. So i was scrolling around on the ASB database doodley doo... And then i realized, that pretty much 60% of my very favorites (all mythicals) are completely obtainable as it is right now. So... here's my idea. MAX RAID BATTLES... IN ASB!? Here's how it would work...
  6. IndigoEmmy


    The ultimate web browser! It's what i use! (Not really)
  7. IndigoEmmy

    The Cilantro Haters Club

    I hate Cilantro. if you hate cilantro you must join. Also sad news the website Ihatecilantro.com is down :C
  8. IndigoEmmy

    How would i do a ROM hack.

    Hellloooo! I have carefully thought out my plans for a pokémon USUM ROM hack. I'm excited about it. I just have one problem. How would i do a ROM hack? if anyone knows how, help would be super appreciated.
  9. IndigoEmmy

    Favorite Fakemon?

    What are your favorite Fakemon seen around the web or that you made? [/SPOILER]
  10. IndigoEmmy

    Share Your Awesome Photo Club Pics!

    Hi! I'm an aspiring pokémon photographer now or something XD so i want to show you some pictures i took with the Alola Photo Club in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, put through the proper amount of filters, and fixed up. Togekiss Pic By Me --------------------I think...
  11. IndigoEmmy

    Hunting/Consuming Animals

    So here's another interesting conversation that people could get into, and that is, what are your thoughts on hunting/eating animals/etc. I wanna hear!
  12. IndigoEmmy


    Probably a much lighter topic than some other debates here, but what are your thoughts on Public Displays of Affection? I wanna hear!
  13. IndigoEmmy

    Userbox Swap Meet!

    Recently, everybody has been putting userboxes in there signatures. I think this would be a good place to put everyone's userboxes here, and then anyone can download and use them as they wish. Please put your userboxes here for other people to use! Even if it seems weird and irrelevant to...
  14. IndigoEmmy

    [In Progress] Indigo's Voyage PG-13

    This is my fanfic! I've been working on it for quite some time. If this gets enough positive feedback i'm gonna put it up on my website. It's basically your run-of-the-mill trainer fic with a pretty good plot Imao, but you tell me. NOTE: The characters name is Indigo not because she is a wish...
  15. IndigoEmmy

    Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC

    Why doesn't this thread exist yet? Either way... get chatting! I heard of a leak about galarian buneary, that's a fairy type. I would love that!
  16. IndigoEmmy

    Is there a reason there are spooky robots browsing the forums?

    This just kind of freaks me out... is there a reason for these bots being all over?
  17. IndigoEmmy

    Snom Mafia Signups

    Darn... i was really hoping this wouldn't overlap with any mafia other than TV tropes... but than cats mafia springed up. Whatever. This is as ridicuolus as it sounds. mafia with snom. But mark my works. There will be shenanigans. (this took like forever to plan.) I need minimum 13/16 people...
  18. IndigoEmmy

    Does a god exist V2

    So i was reading the old "Does a god of any kind exist?" and decided that it was getting old and rusty and we should make a new one. So here we are. My thoughts on the matter is, no a god does not exist. When i was younger i always wanted to believe in some sort of god, but i don't anymore...
  19. IndigoEmmy

    This has been long awaited (and earlier than expected) - My New Website!

    Here it is here it is here it is! This is my website, now of course you can scroll down to the link, buuuut why not read what I have to say first. So, this is my website (duh) i've been working on it for about 1-2 months. But it's been in development for a long time. TCoD served as my...