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  1. Glacedon

    Deathnote: L Ryuzaki

    Any of you guys know what deathnote is? If so come here and talk about it, and if not learn what it is here, mkay just enjoy.
  2. Glacedon

    Post your animals pictures.

    Well yes...[God this is so lame] well like the Title says, post your animals pictures. I don't know how to, but please try and post your animals. [Yeeees I know, this is just some lame silly animal version of"Post your voice", or Behind the avatar"]
  3. Glacedon

    Your Yellow version Ratings and Teams[keep updated each time]

    Ok everyone, I decided to ask people what they are doing in their own pokemon yellow version. Ok, heres mine. Pikachu:Lvl 23 Slam, Double Team, Mega punch, Thunder Wave[Wonder why the mousy mouse doesnt have any electric moves? Well, I accidentally clicked the wrong button and it erased...
  4. Glacedon

    Fight for the stars[Might be blood}

    Ok guys... I don't know if you've joined or not but I have started this back up... hope you all come to help me.. I don't want to be the only one writing here, so I'll list the people I absolutly know were on this Rpg: Kindling Queen Eevee Glacedon Blaziking Gardevior Ummm.. I know this looks...
  5. Glacedon


    Hey, just to let you know, i really dont have to do this but well, I'm back again, no one has seen me for quite a while, and I have to do this to get rid of the heading. Those who know me already know that Glacedon was my first username, and I have brought it from the dead. I'm like some...